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4 April, 2015

Test Tubes learns how to reverse round a corner

Last week, Tubes had his second driving lesson with Jean-Pierre, his RED Driving School instructor (see video below).

This time, the Soccer AM presenter was accompanied on his lesson by Mark McGhee, former Scottish professional football player and current assistant manager of the Scottish national team.

Tubes did extremely well in this lesson, taking to the ‘reverse round a corner’ manoeuvre like a true natural. Jean-Pierre told Tubes, ‘For the first time that was a good go, well done!’

McGee revealed he only had seven driving lessons before passing his test first time. His incentive, however, was a sponsored car, which he was promised by Peter Withe, the much-travelled English footballer, if he passed.

Bob Booker, ex-Sheffield United player, was the footballer named and shamed by McGee as the worst driver he had ever come across because of how slow he was.

Tubes is hoping to pass his driving test before the European Championships so that he can follow the Home Nations all the way to France next June. The rule is ‘No Pass, No Euros’, so it’s fair to say that Tubes is on a mission to pass before this date.

A video of Tubes’ third lesson will be posted next month and again this will be announced on our Facebook and Twitter page, so stay tuned!

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