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4 February, 2015

Singer Nina Nesbitt passes her driving test with RED Driving School

Nina Nesbitt, 20, has been learning to drive with RED Driving School since October 2014. Nina, from Edinburgh, admitted that she was very nervous prior to her test, but having a chatty instructor helped her to relax and feel more comfortable during the exam.

She commented: ‘I was really scared leading up to my test, as this was the second time I’ve taken it and I really felt the pressure this time around. However, when I got in the car this morning, I did feel more comfortable and I think that passing the second time around has made me feel more confident that I’ll be a better driver when I get out on the roads by myself.’

Nina Nesbitt passes driving test

Nina, who is currently working on her second album, has been fitting her lessons around her busy schedule. She continued: ‘All my friends learnt to drive when they turned 17, and they’ll all be really shocked when they find out I’ve passed. I’m not convinced any of them will want to get in the car with me, but I’ll show them I’m actually pretty good!’

‘Selfies’ singer Nina said: ‘I am so excited to get on the roads and test out my skills – my least favourite thing to do is make a right-hand turn, but luckily I wasn’t asked to do that on my test. I do think I’m pretty good at a turn in the road though – it’s a great manoeuvre!

‘When the examiner told me I had passed, I was so excited. I’m so grateful to Dritan, my RED Driving School instructor – it’s going to be so strange not having any more lessons with him! He was so patient with me, and I can’t believe I’m actually now a licenced driver.’

Nina Nesbitt holding practical driving test pass certificate

The star went on to reveal that her dream now that she’s ditched the L-plates is to drive to Cornwall with a big group of friends to go surfing in a vintage VW camper van.

She also stated that she is looking forward to getting out and about by herself. She said: ‘It’s amazing to think that I’ll just be able to hop in a car and drive myself to the studio. Some of [my friends] are quite far away, so it’s going to be so handy. I’m so excited to have passed because I really feel like driving has given me a feeling of independence – being able to jump in a car and go anywhere is a fantastic feeling.’

Nina is still unsure which car she will buy for herself now that she has passed, but she revealed that she knows what her dream car in the future would be. ‘I think it would be really cool to have a Range Rover – I’d love to drive it out into the country and take in the scenery. If I could have any car in the world, it would definitely be a baby blue Cadillac – I think they are gorgeous. I’m not sure what car I would like right now, but it would probably be a big-ish one!’