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4 November, 2014

Majority of qualified drivers would fail theory test today

Two-thirds of experienced drivers in the UK would fail their theory test if they had to take it now, a new study has revealed. We at RED Driving School teamed up with Churchill Insurance to conduct the research, which has highlighted how crucial it is that we regularly refresh our road safety knowledge.

Our survey showed that over one-third (34 percent) of drivers failed the hazard perception element of the test and 50 percent failed the multiple choice questions. Rather worryingly, only 15 percent described themselves as being totally road literate.

Ian McIntosh, chief executive of RED Driving School, said it is troubling that road illiteracy is so widespread among experienced motorists, adding: “The theory test is an essential part of a driver’s road education and ensures that motorists can read the road and drive in the safest possible manner.”

Road signs

Participants struggled the most with questions about road and traffic signs, followed by those about vehicle handling and accidents. However, they showed more understanding when questioned about other types of vehicle on the road.

Despite these results, the drivers generally felt that just over ten years is an appropriate time to retake the theory test.

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