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4 December, 2013

New RED Instructor Training Website Launched

This week we launched a new look website which allows RED Driving School Instructor Trainees to set achievement goals and record their progress through the course. This new functionality is called ‘Your RED Journey’ and allows trainees to track their route to full qualification.

In addition, we have created a fantastic new Hazard Perception area, designed to guide our Trainees to success in their Part 1 Test. Ian McIntosh, RED’s Chief Executive Officer commented:

“The feedback we’ve had from our Trainees on the new website has been terrific. Our new Hazard Perception programme provides feedback on 78 full length training clips.

Trainees who use the new site to its full capacity will benefit from the best training in the industry and will go on to make the first class Instructors with RED Driving School.”
This short video clip gives a taster of how we’ve made our Hazard Perception Training even more straightforward.