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4 November, 2013

RED Driving School instructor featured on ITV News

Is owning and driving a car considered a necessity or a luxury? We’re all aware of the costs that are involved with tax, insurance and petrol, but the ability to drive is still an essential skill that we all need to live our lives.

Danielle Price on ITV

ITV News recently revealed that the number of people taking driving tests in Wales has dropped by 6,000 this year, and almost of quarter of households don’t even own vehicles. However, the ability to drive continues to be a necessary skill in which lessons should be considered a priority, especially for people based in more remote areas with less efficient means of transportation.

RED Driving School’s instructors Danielle Price was asked to share her thoughts about the need for people to own a driver’s licence. “It’s a life-long, essential skill, especially for people living in Wales. It opens up job opportunities as well,” says Danielle. “Once you’ve done it, you’ve done it for life.”

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