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4 July, 2013

Like Tiff, like Son

Tiff Needell is Britain’s favourite automotive expert: racer, TV presenter, editor and dad.

Depending how much you love cars, you will know him from Top Gear or Road Angel GPS system. We now have the pleasure of teaching Tiff’s son, Harry, how to drive. Like father, like son, you ask? We had a chat with Harry after his first lesson.

Tiff Needell and son with RED driving school car

Firstly, the good news was that Harry had no problem with applying for his provisional licence.

Although, it was the first RED driving lesson for the Needells, Tiff had already taken Harry out for a few ‘lessons’ in his Ford Ka. Whilst that was good to simply get a feel for stopping and starting – hopefully without stalling – neither of them knew quite what instructor Paul Brown would be expecting.

We asked Harry how he felt after his first lesson, ’Relieved!’ he says, ‘Dad hadn’t pointed me in the wrong direction and the RED Vauxhall Corsa was much easier to driver than the 15 year old Ka!’

In Tiff’s opinion, the hardest part of the learning to drive process was to know how a new driver should drive: when to change gear? when to indicate? how often to look in mirrors? what speed in tight situations? ‘You just take so much for granted when you’ve been doing it for 44 years … ‘

To help with all these quandaries, RED developed Road Brain Trainer that Harry reveals is very informative and fun to use.

Will Harry follow his father’s footsteps to become an ultimate car lover? We shall see in a few years. All we know right now is that we are happy to teach young people how to drive safely. Harry, Paul is waiting for you in the car!