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4 July, 2013

The RED (and White!) driving school

RED Driving school white corsa

Keep your eyes peeled this week for the arrival of some brand spanking new RED Driving School vehicles! Our new White Corsa instructor cars hit the roads across the UK this week. Your new RED instructor might be one of the handful of owners of the new issue colour.

All you traditionalists need not worry, the familiar Red and Black cars aren’t being de-commissioned, variety is the spice of life after all – and we’ve decided to add some variety to our instructor-fleet.

Be sure to share with us when you see the new cars out and about, and we’ll retweet and share you photos when you do.

Did you know: White (and yellow) cars are thought to be safer, as they are highly visible during day- and night-time hours, as well as in poor visibility.

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