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4 March, 2013

Get road REDdy with RED’s Brain Trainer

Becoming the best, safest driver you can isn’t just about passing a theory test, or even a practical one for that matter. Your driving tuition should be combined with a range of experiences which help prepare you to hit the road on your own.

Enter RED’s Road Brain Trainer! This interactive e-learning tool is designed to train your brain to spot and assess potential risks – just like in the real world.

We want to provide our learners with the tools to develop ‘cognitive driving skills’, and we’re pleased to say we’re the very first driving school to offer this service in the UK. To access the RED’s Road Brain Trainer online, simply register on MyRED , to access it FREE for a limited time only.

Available now, the Brain Trainer tool is aimed primarily at helping the newest and youngest drivers. It is known  that this group are at a higher risk on our road – with one in five experiencing a crash within their first year of driving.

Ian McIntosh, CEO at RED Driving School said:

“The number of road casualties involving young people is a major issue, which we feel needs to be tackled during the learning to drive process through the training of better drivers.

Research shows that there are genuine scientific reasons why young people are less likely to anticipate danger and assess risk and we want to do what we can to help develop this ability as much as we possible.”

For more information about Brain Trainer, lessons with RED Driving School, and to access these learning tools visit the RED Driving School website or MyRED.

See below for Screenshots from the RED Brain Trainer. What Do You See?

Red Brain Trainer screenshot
Red Brain Trainer screenshot