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4 February, 2013

And the Free course winner is… John Moulding!

John Moulding

The winner of the RED Driving School’s Free Course Fees competition is John Moulding, currently working in IT with Leicester Police. He had been feeling an arresting desire to be his own boss, wanted more flexibile hours and to give something back to the community. Congratulations John!

“I’ve been thinking about changing my career for the past few years and finally decided to go ahead and do it.  Going from a desk-based role in IT to driving instructor is quite a change, teaching is something else:

“I’d actually been looking into primary school teaching as it had always been something that interested me. This is one of the factors that really drew me to the idea of driving instruction – it seems to offer a balance of the key career points I was looking for; teaching, independence and flexibility.”

RED aren’t the only company offering instructor training, though we like to think we’re the best. There are a myriad of training options out there, meaning the search for the one which suits your needs is tricky – but is essential to your success.

At RED, we believe we have the experience, skill set and the essential resources to suit any potential instructors needs, and we’re confident that if you do the research, you’ll quickly realise this too.

“I did as lot of research, looking at websites and ordering brochures. It was obvious that only the big nationals were offering the kind of course and structure I was looking for. RED are a brand that I’d heard of through magazines, advertising and the internet.”

John made enquiries with all the major brands, and like any sensible consumer, compared the offers before making his decision.  After a face to face meeting, John realised there was only one company offering the flexibility and quality of training he wanted. He felt RED Driving School’s post-training career options would offer him the best start in his new career.

“I decided to train part-time around my current role, which means I can still work whilst I’m training.  This is a huge bonus, especially when you consider that training to be a teacher would have required me to take a year out of paid employment, and that would just not be feasible.  

What’s more, the course with RED means that if I put the work in, there is no reason why I can’t be qualified and earning a living as an instructor in little more than six months.

When you make such a big life decision, to change your career, you just want to get on with it and make a success of it – it’s in my hands now.  With the additional offer to become a driving instructor with RED as soon as I’m qualified, it has made the whole prospect a lot less daunting, the process easier and the future a lot more exciting.”

John is just one of the hundreds of men and women, who have seized the opportunity to get in the driving seat of their own driving careers, take up a new challenge and drive ahead to a brighter future with RED.