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2 October, 2012

Could road tax be facing the axe?

Currently, cars on UK roads pay a tax based on their carbon emissions. So what happens when the UK population becomes increasingly more carbon conscious and electric cars (which are not accountable for road tax) become more popular?

Tax discs

The Transport Minister, Norman Baker, predicted last week that, in the future, car tax could be scrapped by the Government. Don’t get the flags out just yet though as speculation suggests this could be replaced by pay-as-you-drive toll roads.

It has also been claimed there could be a system of charging motorists per mile which would be great for those making short journeys but not too great for those commuting around the UK and could result long term in the reduction of vehicles on the roads.

Baker claimed that any changes would not result in an increase in the cost to the average motorist. No formal changes are expected to be made in the near future but it’s an interesting concept for drivers, what do you think? Tweet or Facebook us your thoughts.