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2 August, 2012

Learn to drive and stick to it!

Our CEO tells us why learning to drive is essential even when times are tough…

Recent statistics released by The Department for Transport reveal nearly a 10 per cent fall in people taking their driving test. In the 17-24 age group, just under 320,000 took their test between 2011 and 2012, a fall of nearly 50,000 compared to the previous year.

L Plate

For many of you, I know learning to drive is, or at least used to feel like, a natural step to becoming a fully fledged grown up, helped by a bumper pack of lessons from mum and dad for your 17th birthday.

It is clear that money doesn’t come as easy these days and young people have had a lot to contend with over the past couple of years, with the UK’s tough economic situation making life difficult. It costs a fortune for education, the job market is poor, living costs have risen significantly and I am sure you have heard how expensive it seems to be to run, maintain and, of course, insure a car especially as a young driver. It is easy to understand why driving test figures are declining.

In the short term, many young people might think learning to drive is a cost they can do without and view driving lessons as a nice to have rather than a must have. However you need to realise now, rather than later, that not having a driving licence can have a big impact on your earning potential when you do enter the world of work. In many industries and across many sectors, a person is at an automatic disadvantage over other potential employees if they do not hold a licence and this can mean they are overlooked for a great job opportunity in favour of someone who can drive.

What’s more, driving is possibly the single biggest step you can ever make in becoming independent, not having to rely on anyone or anything to take you anywhere. You are free to go where you want, when you want and with whom you want. To get you started, have a look at our range of introductory lessons here. And if your birthday is approaching, you know what to ask for.