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2nd March 2012

10 Steps to Pass YOUR Test – Step 8: Complete your Mock Test

We continue our 10 steps series with step 8, complete your mock test.

Learner and driver in car

Undertaking a mock test should be about 3 weeks before your actual test and is usually carried out by another instructor. It is recommended that you do have a mock test so that it will save you time, by making sure that you really are ready for your test. It will save you money by making sure that you’re not going to test too early, and it will save you worry as you will have a better idea what to expect on the test.

The mock test instructor will keep your mock test as close to the real thing as possible. They may not be as ‘chatty’ as your usual instructor and may have a test paper on them. Again DO NOT try to read it whilst on your mock test. Your mock test will determine your strengths and weaknesses driving under test conditions. Once you have completed your mock test your Instructor will confirm or re-plan your course of tuition between now and your Driving Test. You may feel that you would benefit from some extra lessons at this point to really polish your driving ability.

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