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1 September, 2011

10 Steps to Pass YOUR Test – Step 4: Purchasing theory study materials

We have now reached step 4 in our 10 step guide to passing your test, purchasing theory study materials.

The first and best piece of advice that we can give is that you should study to pass your theory test. Do not believe that it is easy, do not believe that a few hours cramming will get you through.  Do believe that it is with preparation that you will pass, and avoid having to pay again to re-take the test.

To help you prepare there are many books available to choose from, as a quick search online will show you. So to help you make your choice we recommend that you consider the following:

  1. Purchase a Highway Code. You should make this your first purchase as not only does it contain the “rules of the road” but it is the information in contained within that will guide you through your theory and practical test.
  2. Driving: The Essential Skills is a manual that aims to be the essential guide for novice and qualified drivers and should help the driver to acquire skills necessary to improve driving for safety and awareness.  It includes instruction on night-time, motorway and European driving, and useful tips and advice on defensive driving. A good purchase.
  3. The Theory Test is a book that contains a ‘bank’ of example theory test questions and answers for you to practice with again and again. The book also explains the theory behind each question so that it can be learned and applied to the actual test.
  4. As the theory test now contains a hazard perception section, it is important to learn what this means and to become familiar with it. There are many CD’s available where you can practice the hazard perception technique.
  5. Finally, make sure that any books you purchase are recommended by the DVSA. It is the best way to ensure that what you are learning is accurate.

Next time: Step 5 – Booking your theory test.



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