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1 September, 2011

10 Steps to Pass YOUR Test – Step 3: Booking your course of tuition

Learner with Red Driving school instructor in car

Your instructor will plan your course of tuition.

Today we reach step 3 in our 10 step guide to passing your test, booking your course of tuition.

Your Instructor will be able to guide you on the best course of tuition for your needs.  Your course will be specifically tailored to suit your needs and requirements to reach your ultimate goal of a full driving license. With RED Driving School for example you will have a 40 point plan to cover every area required in the test.

On your first lesson your new instructor will want to see both parts of your provisional license. They will also check your eyesight by asking you read a new style number plate from a distance of 20 meters. Make sure that you have appropriate eye wear with you if needed.

At the start of each lesson your Driving Instructor will recap over what you have done in the previous lesson. He will then tell you what you are going to cover in this lesson and set the objective followed by a detailed brief on how to complete the task. If it’s a new subject he may offer to show you how it should look when you are independent of any assistance from him. He will then talk you through how to do it step by step giving you reference points which will help you to complete the task without any help from the Instructor. Afterwards he will summarise your performance giving you areas that you may need some extra practice with but also telling you what went really well.

As you approach your test date your instructor will book a lesson for a couple of days after the test as a motorway lesson or as a de-brief and remedial lesson should you not be successful on your test day.

Next time: Step 4 – Purchasing your Theory Test study material.