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1 September, 2011

10 Steps to Pass YOUR Test – Step 2: Choosing the right Driving Instructor

Red Driving school instructor and car

Choose an instructor that you can trust.

We continue our 10 step guide to passing your test with step 2, choosing the right driving instructor.

The most important consideration you should have, when choosing your instructor, is that you have confidence in them and their ability to teach you.  Here we highlight some things for you to  consider when choosing your instructor.

Presentation of the vehicle and of the Instructor

An instructor that is well presented, a car that is clean and in good working order will speak volumes about the type of instructor they are. Do they match up to your standards?

Which test centre you would take your test in?

Does the instructor that you are considering using take many pupils to test at your local test centre, or the one you want to use. Your instructor will be able to give you valuable insight on the test and potential hazards on routes around yours.

How much do they charge per hour?

Is the instructor affordable to you, or is the amount they charge a valuable investment in your future.

Do they offer discounts on block booking?

Many instructors will offer discounts if you book 5, 1o or even more lessons at once. This is a great way to save money and guarantee your lessons happen in a timely fashion.

Do you get a full hour/2 hour lesson?

Are you picked up at the start of your lesson and finish your lesson at the end of the hour (or 2 hours). You will be surprised how many instructors do not always do this.

Do they pick up the next student before dropping you off at the end of your lesson?

Particularly for the nervous or new learners, having a complete stranger in the back of the car whilst you finish your lesson can be very distracting

Do they offer Pass Plus?

Not only is Pass Plus a great way to learn additional skills post-test such as night driving or motorway driving, but passing the course could also save you money on your insurance.

Do they do evening/weekend lessons?

Is your life too busy to accommodate lessons during normal work hours.

Do they offer help with the theory test?

More and more instructors are offering help with the theory test not only to help you pass but also to ensure that when you start your practical tutition it is with them. Take advantage of this professional advice.

Next time: Step 3 – Booking your course of tuition.