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1 August, 2011

The Peterborough Triangle

Exclamation mark triangle road sign

We continue our series on local hazards by taking a look at “The Peterborough Triangle”. Our guide is Ian Parsons from RED Driving School.

Peterborough Triangle off Lincoln Road

  • When leaving Millfield travelling north on Lincoln Road towards the triangle you will see the road forks off into two directions.
  • The road to the right is no entry.
  • You must follow the road to your left into Maskew Avenue.
  • This stretch of road is one way with give-way road markings marked on the road.

CAUTION: these road markings are not very visible and are consequently often missed by learners and qualified drivers alike.

  • You will then be giving way to traffic coming southbound from Lincoln Road on your extreme right!
  • The road ahead splits into three lanes.  The left lane will take you onto Bourges Boulevard heading back towards the city centre, the middle is to go straight ahead following Maskew Avenue and the third is to turn right into Bourges Boulevard leading back towards Lincoln Road.
  • If you are turning right into Bourges Boulevard (keeping on the triangle) you will then notice the road comes back down to two lanes.  The left lane will take you back to Lincoln Road heading towards New England and the right lane will hold you in the triangle, taking you back southbound on Lincoln Road toward Millfield.

CAUTION: if you are turning right be careful as you will encounter a sharp turn to your right with a pedestrian crossing on it, which is often missed.

  • Immediately after the pedestrian crossing you must once again give way as you are emerging into traffic from your left.
  • On emerging from this ensure you are in the correct lane.  The left lane will take you back to Millfield.  If you follow the road on your right this will lead you back into the triangle towards Maskew Avenue.
  • Keep an eye on the traffic on your left as you re-enter the triangle as you are on the other side of the road from where it all started.  Remember at the beginning of this I said to make sure you see the give way markings on the road?  Well you are now approaching that area and you are now the person on the extreme right!  Beware of traffic not seeing the faded give way road markings and suddenly emerging onto the triangle!

Maybe it should be renamed the Bermuda Triangle!

Key lessons to take from the Peterborough Triangle:

  1. Always proceed at an appropriate speed to the road situation
  2. Pay attention to road signs and road markings
  3. Ensure you are in the correct lane for the direction of travel
  4. Always anticipate other road users – especially as you now know the key areas where other cars and pedestrians might unexpectedly enter the triangle!

Click here to view the Peterborough Triangle on Google’s Streetview.