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1 May, 2011

How to pass your practical test – part three

This is the final part of our series on the practical manoeuvres you may be asked to do in your driving test. We have already covered some top tips and the emergency stop, and last week we covered the two parking manoeuvres.

This week we will begin by discussing the turn in the road. This exercise requires you to demonstrate smooth control of the car and good observations. It will help if you break down the manoeuvre into three stages. You may also find reference points helpful so that you are aware of where the kerb is. Using whiteboard markers to make your reference points would be useful as the ink wipes off of the windows.

Always be thinking of how much you need to turn by and when you need to turn. Make sure that you continue your observations, and in particular, that you look over your shoulder when reversing. Make sure that you use the width of the road but that you do not get too close to the kerb. There can be inconsistencies in marking when hitting or nudging the kerb, generally depending on the speed at which you were to do so.

Pavement curb

Photo by rosipaw

The final manoeuvre is the left reverse around a corner. Once again, you need to demonstrate smooth control of the car. You might find that breaking the manoeuvre into sections may help make it easier. Always remember to look behind your shoulder as you are reversing, and make sure you have a safety check over your right shoulder before turning in.

As with the other manoeuvres, markers should make the process much simpler and easier. Like before, think about when you need to turn and by how much. Observations are crucial in every manoeuvre; you must always be aware of what is going on around you. Make sure that you do not go too wide and that you do not cross the central lane markings. Keep close to the kerb but not so close that you risk hitting it. Make sure you straighten up on time and that you finish the manoeuvre looking behind you.

If you follow these tips, and spend time talking to your instructor about the manoeuvres, you have a better chance at passing your test. You could always discuss the manoeuvres with other learners and driving instructors on our Facebook group.