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Driver CPC Training Courses

RED Fleet Driver Training, through its group company, the NFE Group, has a wide range of innovative, interactive and interesting driver CPC training courses available, all approved and accredited by JAUPT and many of which can be delivered online to give CPC accreditation towards the 35 hours training requirement.

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About CPC Driver Training

The driver CPC certification is a set of standards outlined by the European Union to ensure that all UK and European drivers are competent and able. This certification applies to professional driving when that driving involves a lorry, bus or coach and, aside from a few exceptions, is now legally required and government recommended for almost all professional drivers holding Category C or Category D licences.

Through our acquisition of the NFE Group, we have expanded our fleet driver training service portfolio to now offer a number of JAUPT and DVSA approved CPC training courses. And the NFE Group, through its driver training arm, Automotional, also offers a range of JAUPT approved and compliant CPC training courses.

Many of these CPC courses can be completed online from the comfort of your own home or workplace. These JAUPT approved DVSA CPC courses also add up to towards your mandatory CPC driving hours.

What makes our training course different?

Many ‘other’ driver CPC training courses are delivered based on price, filling a room with as many as possible and trotting out the same old subjects however, this is not the RED or the NFE way. As passionate training businesses, the emphasis is firmly on delivering a high-quality product that addresses the issues that the modern-day driver faces; all of the courses are highly interactive and even the classroom-based ones involve practical work in and around a static vehicle.

All media types are used, PowerPoint, Video (including bespoke created content). Breakouts and Show & Tell sessions all backed up by interactive mini quizzes throughout the day. Regular breaks are included where quality refreshments are also provided free of charge.

NFE’s experienced Driver CPC trainers continually receive excellent delegate feedback as well as the below quotation from another JAUPT audit, “An informative course delivered by two trainers demonstrating commitment to and knowledge of the subject and industry.”

All of this ensures that a great learning environment is provided to enable delegates to engage voluntarily with these Driver CPC training courses; remember the adage that you can’t teach anybody anything until they listen!

CPC Webinar during COVID-19

During COVID-19, JAUPT has accredited 6 of the NFE Group’s Driver CPC training courses to be delivered online via CPC Webinar and much effort has been put into ensuring that the same level of interactivity is maintained. Of course, the added benefit to this is that drivers can join the CPC Webinar from home or the office and also from a computer, a tablet or even a phone with full technical registration help being provided.

Post COVID-19 Driver CPC training courses

Looking ahead, as we begin to emerge from COVID-19 the purpose-built training rooms at the NFE Group provide the perfect environment to deliver safe and ‘socially distanced’ learning environment, with ample room for the group on well-spaced tables.

JAUPT once again commented, “The flat screen on which the PowerPoint element of the presentation was shown gave a large clear display and the slides were set out to facilitate easy reading from all parts of the room.” Additionally, the modern NFE Training Centre is airy and bright and boasts excellent filtered air circulation.

CPC driver training facilities at donington park race circuit

RED/NFE Training Centre

The RED/NFE Training Centre is situated within the Donington Park Race Circuit, DE74 2RP, where there is ample free parking and excellent access from around the country; there is also a plethora of accommodation locally to suit all budgets for those that wish to a week-long course.

The specialist driver training centre offers an extensive range of professional driver training options covering cars, vans, and HGV. Many of the training courses can now be delivered online and are available by e-learning or by Webinar. In addition, a large proportion of these courses have been specifically tailored to qualify as CPC modules and are both DVSA compliant and registered with JAUPT.

All courses are high quality and importantly, of relevance to improving driver’s standards. Many of the traditional workshop style courses are also available including mandatory CPC driver hours and vehicle maintenance but uniquely NFE has also developed a driver wellbeing and driver resiliency course that covers driver fatigue, nutrition and lifestyle which is then supported by an ongoing online wellbeing profiler.

Lorry at NFE CPC Driver Training facility

UK Wide Driver CPC training options including CPC Webinar

Driver CPC training courses can also be arranged locally to you and your drivers and the Driver CPC training courses are regularly delivered around the UK at many of our clients own premises or indeed from hotel meeting rooms. CPC Webinar may also continue post COVID-19 and if permitted to do so this option will remain available to clients and their drivers.

Bespoke Driver CPC training courses

Bespoke training courses are regularly developed to suit the requirements of clients and many of the already approved courses are courses that clients’ drivers are taking in the as part of their regular non-CPC training programmes; and so, for just the addition of the small JAUPT upload fee drivers gain their required hours simply and effectively. For more information about creating JAUPT approved training courses for your business please get in touch.

One such Driver CPC training course is the unique ‘Fatigue, Wellbeing & Managing driver impairments’ course that covers driver fatigue, nutrition and lifestyle which is then supported by an ongoing online wellbeing profiler. Another such Driver CPC training course is the ‘Trailer Familiarisation, Loading, Safe Use, Drivers’ Hours & On Road Training’ course that has been developed specifically for a client for those drivers that tow regularly during the course of their work.

Driver CPC training courses – Options

A full list of the current Driver CPC training courses is listed below and more information can be found here or by calling 01332 810007 or by mailing

  • Fatigue, Wellbeing & Managing driver impairments (7 hour) *

Covering physical and mental health, including sleep, stress, weight management and lifestyle

  • Driver Training & Defensive driver skills (7 hour) ➢ Driver First Aid (7 hours course) *

First aid basics covering the key points taking in real life scenarios/situations with an expert ➢ Manual handling, Safe loading & Vehicle checks (7 hour)

  • Driver Essentials (7 hour) *

Why we crash and how to avoid it. Enhance your existing driving skills with interactive group
discussions, top tips, advanced and defensive drive techniques

  • Advanced Performance (7 hour)


  • Trailer Familiarisation, Loading, Safe Use, Drivers’ Hours & On Road Training (7 hour)


  • GDE Matrix Workshop (7 hour) *

Interactive webinar for the open-minded. Time to self-evaluate your driving using tried and tested methods considering knowledge, risks, your habits and how they might change

  • Traffic & Human Behaviour (7 hour) *

This course investigates our psychology and the risks of what we do when using the road; how traffic is created and can be improved
“Those Driver CPC training courses marked with an * are currently available via webinar