Winter Driver Training – Designated 4×4 Driver

Winter driving is a specialist skill – especially with ice, snow, rain and fog prevalent. This course will help you get a real grip on these conditions.

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Course Details

The course proposed is a half day in duration and as well as a classroom based
comprehensive briefing on adverse weather driving also covers practical 4×4 driver training
and utilising our Skid Car, skid cause & prevention training.

On arrival participants will receive tea and coffee and then have the all-important safety &
training briefing for the day, this is also an opportunity for the delegates to offer any specific
concerns relating to their general driving or any of the course content.

Setting the scene for any training course is of paramount importance and this particular
briefing will cover preparation for winter driving, journey planning, suggested equipment
to be carried, tyre type & checks, vehicle familiarisation and finally ‘is the journey

As with all our practical training courses, this course includes a pre course RED Driver Profile
(on-line RDP) and post training, a full course report will be e-mailed directly to the
participant and course administrator asrequired.

RED007 Winter Driver Training – Designated 4×4 Driver
This ensures that full H&S Duty of Care responsibilities are covered.

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RED Training Centre, Donington Park Race Circuit, DE74 2BN

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No. of Trainees

3 per session, 6 per Day – Flexible

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Course Duration

Half Day 09:00 – 12:30 or 13:00 – 16:30

What happens on the day

Practical Training

RED 4x4 off-road

Skid Car

The Skid Car is the perfect way to learn the causes of skids and indeed how to avoid them. The Skid Car, unlike the Skid Pan, can replicate a variety of road surfaces from wet through to black ice. All drivers will learn at their own pace under the watchful and experienced eye of our trainers, learning in a fun and safe environment. This is an invaluable life skill for all drivers and provides the knowledge to ‘avoid’ skids in the future.


4×4 On/Off Road Familiarisation 

This practical session sees the trainees guided through how a 4×4 vehicle can be driven safely in snow & icy conditions, but it also highlights to the trainee the advantages and as importantly, the limitations of driving a 4×4 vehicle in these conditions.

Many drivers approach adverse weather driving by using a ‘standard’ driving technique, but our fully qualified trainers will introduce a different approach to driving in adverse weather which will give the trainees the skills required by using a different driving style and the vehicle’s technology and abilities to drive more confidently and safely in adverse conditions. Recognising the potential for problems and identifying adverse camber and places where ice may be present is half the battle to surviving winter on ourroads.

Trainees will also be introduced to the ‘specific’ 4×4 vehicle’s features and when and where they should be used. This takes place both on and off road across wide variety of surfaces and environments.

Who is it for?

Any driver who may be required to drive in adverse weather conditions and has access to a 4×4 vehicle.


A full and detailed report will be produced post training / assessment for the driver and manager.

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