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CPC Fatigue

This workshop will highlight and discuss the risks associated with fatigue and wellbeing; including how to manage these and other impairments.

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Course Aims 

We’ll run-bite-sized practical workshops that give the why and the practical how’s.

Each workshop is tailored to expand on the advice given in the Driver Wellbeing profiler.

All our sessions are interactive, coupled with high energy and engaging delivery. We provide delegates with useful, practical tools and techniques that will help them and develop their wellbeing.

Objectives – to discuss, understand and develop strategies to manage:

  • Healthy Lifestyle –Good nutrition, exercise and weight control
  • Mental Clarity and Brain fitness
  • Improving your sleep
  • Drink, drugs and impairment within driving context
  • Managing fatigue and stress
  • How driving behaviours/mindset affect driving styles and consequences
  • Wrap up with time reflect on how we manage driving fatigue, wellbeing and impairments