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CPC Driver Training – Driver Essentials

This course will help your drivers to develop, reflect and enhance existing driving skills, behaviour and attitudes.

They’ll develop safer and more resilient approaches towards safe road use.

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Course Aims 

Modules cover but are not limited to: vehicle checking, sharing the road health and wellbeing, incident causation, speed use and skid risks.

Objectives – to discuss, understand and develop strategies to manage:

  • Basic health and wellbeing – why we do things we do as humans/road-users
  • Sharing the road and safer attitudes
  • Common incidents, their causes and prevention (defensive techniques)
  • The role speed plays on the road
  • Skid causation and prevention, modern technology in skid prevention
  • Advanced and defensive driving techniques
  • Time to reflect on attitudes and beliefs
  • Promoting safer road use
  • Optimising fuel use and reducing wear & tear