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RED Corporate Driver Training is the dedicated fleet/business training arm of the RED Driver Training business that also includes the UK’s market-leading RED Driving School.

RED Corporate Driver Training focusses on the fleet and business driving community where business owners and operators have a specific duty of care and a Health & Safety responsibility to ensure the safety of their driving community. As well as core ‘fleet’ drivers, this embraces grey fleet drivers driving on or for business in their own vehicles and there are strong reasons – moral, ethical, financial and social – why driver safety is not an ‘option’ for any credible and progressive business.

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RED has a comprehensive range of both online and on road driver risk and driver training services and training courses to appeal to drivers in cars, vans, trucks and more, and offers training expertise both on location where your business needs it as well as our own dedicated UK training facility at Donington.  Specific RED products and services are all underpinned with a core RED customer platform – SafetyFirst – to allow the control and maintenance of driver training records and required actions to help you stay in control.

RED is proud to deal with a range of business clients from larger blue-chip UK organisations to smaller operations – all with the common goal of legal, professional, safer and better drivers.

Meet the Team

RED Corporate Driver Training has its core facilities at Donington and a dedicated team here to help – with bespoke premises and training facilities on the Donington Park Race Circuit. Below are some of the key members of the RED Corporate Driver Training team. This team is backed up by the core HQ services of the RED Group in Billingham including CEO of the RED Group, Seb Goldin.

Head of Corporate

Greg Ford

I entered the world of Driver Risk Management in 2001 with Drive&Survive, so have been in the industry now over 20 years. I have been fortunate to work with some great clients and colleagues, and this continues to today with the RED team, the best part of my role is working with people who have a real passion for road safety, and from a personal perspective whilst unmeasurable I’d like to think through providing driver training over the 20+ years to literally thousands of drivers, some of these individuals may just have avoided a tragic incident for themselves and their families… this thought always motivates me when I’m having a challenging day!

Greg Ford

Seb Goldin | RED CEO

Seb Goldin


Pet hate is drivers looking at their phones whilst driving and not smiling enough!

Jon Sutcliffe

Jon Sutcliffe

Chief Operating Officer

Working and experiencing the transport industry for over 25 years has shown me that just telling people how to do things isn’t enough. We need to show people, help them learn and understand how they can be better skilled.

Colin Paterson

Head of Marketing

Observation: Business drivers on driver training courses, beginning utterly cynical and ending up feeling that they have really learnt to correct bad habits to be a better and safer driver!

Emily Bowley

Office Manager

My pet driving hate is inconsiderate parking.

James Alderson

James Alderson

Client Relationship Manager

Pet hate would be drivers who use mobile phones at the wheel and my best safety tip would be Concentration, Anticipation and Observation at all times!

Mark Cowell

Training Centre Manager

Pet hate: People driving at night with only front daytime lights on.

LGV Manoeuvring | RED

Evan Morris

Training & Development Manager

One of my concerns on a daily basis is how most drivers expose themselves to high speed rear end collisions.

Alan Appleby

Lead Commercial Trainer

I’ve spent a lot of career time helping train and develop drivers, from learners through the commercial vehicle operators. Whatever stage of knowledge and experience, there’s always more to learn to be the best and safest driver you can be!

Kaitlyn Batten

Kaitlyn Batten

Office Administrator

Vehicle indicators are only useful if they are allowed to flash for 4 seconds or more – any less time and other road users just might not see the indication of intent which can create unnecessary danger

Maddie Unsworth

Office Administrator

My main pet hate is selfish drivers – those that cut you up, pull out at junctions, hog the middle lane and other inconsiderate acts that impact the rest of us!

Accreditations and Partners

iso certified logo

Quality Management (ISO 9001)

RED prides itself on maintaining high standards with ISO certifications.

Driver CPC

Driver CPC

RED is JAUPT approved for Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence)

Driving for Better Business (DfBB)

RED is proud to have strong partnership relationships with Logistics UK, Driving for Better Business

Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS)

RED work closely with FORS to help drive up standards within fleet operations.

DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency)

RED are a fully accredited DVSA fleet training provider and also has full DVSA accreditation for its trailer towing courses.

Dedicated RED training facility
Donington Park

With the backdrop of the prestigious Donington Motor Racing circuit itself, close to Castle Donington in Leicestershire, RED has its own dedicated and specialist training centre with indoor and outdoor training facilities geared to support our corporate customers. It means you can come to us, as well as us coming to you!

on your steering wheel

Find Us

The RED Corporate Driver Training business operates from its own bespoke facilities at Donington. Our full postal address and administration office there is:

RED Corporate Driver Training
Building 3, Western Paddock
Donington Park Race Circuit
DE74 2BN