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CPC Driver Training – Advanced and Defensive Driver Skills

Learn the risks associated with on-road driving. Develop strategies to proactively avoid potential collisions, reduce costs including wear & tear and fuel.

Check out our comprehensive range of training courses and online driver risk management programme creates safer drivers that save you money, and protects your brand.

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Course Aims and Objectives

  • Efficient FLOWER vehicle checks including tyre technology
  • Reflecting on driving strategy, philosophy, mindset, believes and attitudes
  • Defensive driving strategies; understanding common collisions
  • Planning for other road users to make mistakes, accepting them and avoiding conflict and
    contact with them.
  • Taking responsibility, reflecting on your driving behaviours and considering the
  • Creating escape routes and the benefits of quality space management both moving and
  • Applying IPSGA – Information, Positioning, Speed, Gear and Acceleration
  • Managing skid risks and developing smoothness
  • Developing advanced observation and anticipation skills
  • Focusing on fuel saving techniques (Fuelsave Training)