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Specialist Vehicle Training

We deliver practical driver training in a range of on and off-road scenarios including Fuelsave, refresher training, post incident, skid car, 4×4, advanced performance, trailer training LCV and LGV training and of particular growing interest at this time is RED’s EV vehicle familiarisation training, an absolute must to ensure both safety and the desired fuel savings. The RED team is also able, and regularly does, create and deliver courses for drivers of any other specialist vehicles.

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Trailer Towing to include B+E training

The course proposed is for a minimum 2 full days (up to 4 days) and is to prepare those requiring B+E trailer towing training to test level.

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Familiarisation and Training

This course is designed as an induction into operating and driving an Electric Vehicle (EV)

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CAT CE (Class 1) Licence Acquisition

This course is aimed at those looking to gain their C+E HGV license.

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LGV CAT C1 + E Licence Acquisition

This is for anyone wanting to drive a C1+E (7.5 Tonne with trailer) Medium Goods Vehicle and trailer, and have passed an LGV medical, and LGV theory tests when doing a C or C1 course.

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LGV HGV Cat C (Class 2) Rigid Licence Acquisition

This course is aimed at those looking to acquire their C Licence.

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LGV CAT C1 7.5 TONNE Licence Acquisition

This course is for anyone looking to gain their LGV cat c1 7.5 tonne license.