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Interactive Event – Practical & Workshop


Interactive Event – Practical & Workshop


  • Venue – Any suitable UK location
  • Number of Trainees – Up to 20 attendees per half day workshop, 40 attendees per day (2 workshops)
  • Training Details – Classroom-based Interactive Workshop
  • Event Duration – Half Day 3 / 3.5hrs
  • Detail – The course proposed is a half day in duration for up to 20 attendees.

All workshop and seminar content can be bespoke, selected from the below list of existing modules or a combination of the two as required. Each module lasts around 15- 30 minutes which ensures that it is fast paced and interesting for all.

All workshops are delivered in a fun and interactive manner using a variety of media including PowerPoint, video, break out groups and a variety of vehicle and road related props. To further the ‘relevance’ to all drivers it is always good to include the ‘Open Forum’ section that discusses ‘actual’ scenarios that the group’s members have experienced.

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  • Winter driving
  • The 4 causes of a Skid
  • Basic vehicle maintenance (seasonal advice)
  • Journey preparation/planning
  • Tyres, suitability and maintenance
  • The common causes of an accident
  • Speed awareness
  • Drink/Drugs module
  • Motorway/Dual carriageway driving
  • Town driving
  • Junctions
  • Lone driver awareness
  • Parking & manoeuvring
  • Trailer towing
  • 4×4 on/off road
  • Young/inexperienced driver
  • Night driving
  • Fuel efficient driving
  • UK Familiarisation
  • Driver Stress/Wellbeing
  • Bespoke client specific content
  • Open forum


This training is suitable for all drivers as content is tailored to suit the audience. In addition, many clients’ couple up a ½ day workshop with one or more of the available practical training courses to make up a full days learning programme. Choose from on road training, skid car, emergency reaction training, Fuelsave or manyothers.


Workshops and seminars are designed for any staff who drive frequently or irregularly, these can be used to reinforce a current safety message, for staff who do not require invehicle training or to support to a practical in-vehicle training programme.


A full and detailed training record will be produced post workshop / seminar for the attendees. Interactive Classroom Based Workshops