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Where To Find Us

Where To Find Us

Driving lessons in Manchester

Are you looking for a reliable driving school in Manchester? Look no further! RED’s Manchester driving school has top quality local driving instructors who are all DSA approved. RED driving schools in Manchester have fantastic introductory discounts on driving lessons, and block booking discounts may be available.

50% off Driving Lessons with RED Driving School in Manchester *

Take advantage of our fantastic introductory offer on driving lessons with RED Driving School in Manchester.

As a learner with RED Driving School in Manchester you will also benefit from:

  • Help with theory training
  • Block booking discounts
  • Lesson booking online 24/7 in MyRED
  • RED's Road Brain Training, helping to increase your chance of passing the practical test by 14%
  • Access to fantastic offers and promotions from some of the UK's leading brands

*Available to provisional licence holders and new learners with RED Driving School only

This area covers the following districts:

Manchester, Sale, Salford

RED driving instructors covering this postcode area:

  • Radoslaw Chorazak

    Radoslaw Chorazak

  • David Sutcliffe

    David Sutcliffe

  • Naseem Akhtar

    Naseem Akhtar

  • Jack Hughes

    Jack Hughes

  • Jamie Stephens

    Jamie Stephens

  • Peter Bowett

    Peter Bowett

  • Shahid Qazi

    Shahid Qazi

  • David Taunton

    David Taunton

  • Zaker Hussain

    Zaker Hussain

  • Stuart Nicholls

    Stuart Nicholls

  • Peter Hepburn

    Peter Hepburn

  • Louise Ecob

    Louise Ecob

  • Michael Kyriacou

    Michael Kyriacou

  • Slavek Bilik

    Slavek Bilik

  • Randi Wisdom

    Randi Wisdom

  • Steven Armstrong

    Steven Armstrong

  • John Anthony Hewitt

    John Anthony Hewitt

  • Robert A Wilkinson

    Robert A Wilkinson

  • Stephen Bell

    Stephen Bell

  • Steven Yates

    Steven Yates

  • Thomas Harris

    Thomas Harris

  • Nigel Hurstfield

    Nigel Hurstfield

  • John Philp

    John Philp

  • Mohammad  Miah

    Mohammad Miah

  • Stuart Preston

    Stuart Preston

  • Guy Martin

    Guy Martin

  • Paul Curtis

    Paul Curtis

  • Andrew Rainford ? Jones

    Andrew Rainford ? Jones

  • Daniel Rogers

    Daniel Rogers

  • Conrad Baffour Asamoah

    Conrad Baffour Asamoah

  • Kyri Anastasi

    Kyri Anastasi

  • Haixing Cui

    Haixing Cui

  • Nigel Reeder

    Nigel Reeder

  • Zeki Al-Khishali

    Zeki Al-Khishali

  • Shahid Ali

    Shahid Ali

  • Fred Potts

    Fred Potts

  • Ade Adeyemi

    Ade Adeyemi

  • Anisa Fatima

    Anisa Fatima

  • Michael Kershaw

    Michael Kershaw

  • Martin Ikeasomba

    Martin Ikeasomba

  • Dawn Worsfold

    Dawn Worsfold

  • Samson Okewumi

    Samson Okewumi

  • Douglas Branson

    Douglas Branson

  • Mohamed Abdi

    Mohamed Abdi

  • Christopher Wilkinson

    Christopher Wilkinson

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Where To Find Us