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Where To Find Us

Driving lessons in London

The ability to drive is a vital skill to have – whether for practical moments, such as picking up the kids from school, or fun times, such as planning a trip abroad. So if you have to drive for business, or just want to drive for pleasure, having a licence can be your ticket to fun, freedom and independence.
For those who are new to the road, London can be a daunting place to drive – but it needn’t be. If you’re keen to pass your practical test and are looking for driving lessons in London, then RED has qualified driving instructors at schools all over the area, so wherever you’re based – be it Hackney or Hammersmith – there’s a school to suit your needs. We welcome learners from all walks of life, from those who have just turned 17 and are looking for their first few lessons (and want to take advantage of our newcomer offers, of course) to those who are on a budget and looking for affordable packages or intensive courses. RED offers a range of driving lessons in London, including female courses and foreign language courses, as well as both manual and automatic lessons, so you’ll feel confident in any type of car. Or if you just want to get on the road as soon as possible, we also have intensive courses designed to get you through your practical test with the minimum of stress. So whatever your reasons for learning, RED can help you pass your driving test as quickly – and as cheaply – as possible.

50% off Driving Lessons with RED Driving School in London *

Take advantage of our fantastic introductory offer on driving lessons with RED Driving School in London.

As a learner with RED Driving School in London you will also benefit from:

  • Help with theory training
  • Block booking discounts
  • Lesson booking online 24/7 in MyRED
  • RED's Road Brain Training, helping to increase your chance of passing the practical test by 14%
  • Access to fantastic offers and promotions from some of the UK's leading brands

*Available to provisional licence holders and new learners with RED Driving School only

This area covers the following postcode areas:

East Central London, East London, North London, North West London, South East London, South West London, West London, Western Central London

RED driving instructors covering London:

  • Tomasz Cieslikiewicz

    Tomasz Cieslikiewicz

  • Abul Rassal

    Abul Rassal

  • Abdul Bari

    Abdul Bari

  • Jerry Dymond

    Jerry Dymond

  • Kelvin Lee

    Kelvin Lee

  • Kashif Hussain

    Kashif Hussain

  • Aurangzab Fazal

    Aurangzab Fazal

  • Amer Iqbal

    Amer Iqbal

  • Abdifatah  Adan

    Abdifatah Adan

  • Felix Dibie

    Felix Dibie

  • Mukith Miah

    Mukith Miah

  • Carina Reynolds

    Carina Reynolds

  • Chuntin Man

    Chuntin Man

  • George Nicou

    George Nicou

  • Asif Fazal

    Asif Fazal

  • Gerry Blair

    Gerry Blair

  • Gary Farmer

    Gary Farmer

  • Mihaela Hristea

    Mihaela Hristea

  • Hasib Ayubi

    Hasib Ayubi

  • John Michael

    John Michael

  • Jahangir Ahmed

    Jahangir Ahmed

  • Lance Lord-George

    Lance Lord-George

  • Veselin Vatev

    Veselin Vatev

  • Stuart Hogbin

    Stuart Hogbin

  • Jahid  Miah

    Jahid Miah

  • Dmitrijs Larins

    Dmitrijs Larins

  • Samantha Dear

    Samantha Dear

  • Cuong Nguyen

    Cuong Nguyen

  • Aqeel Saeed

    Aqeel Saeed

  • Kamal Ahmed

    Kamal Ahmed

  • Danny Whittam

    Danny Whittam

  • Abdul Latif

    Abdul Latif

  • Muneer Ali Ahmed

    Muneer Ali Ahmed

  • Hakim Rebhi

    Hakim Rebhi

  • Adeyinka  Tinubu

    Adeyinka Tinubu

  • Francis Dowey

    Francis Dowey

  • Henrick Cato

    Henrick Cato

  • Tahsin  Ramadan

    Tahsin Ramadan

  • Matthew Weekes

    Matthew Weekes

  • Neil Corrigan

    Neil Corrigan

  • Saul Brennan

    Saul Brennan

  • Jamal Hussain

    Jamal Hussain

  • Yogesh Luximon

    Yogesh Luximon

  • Andrew Joannou

    Andrew Joannou

  • Lee Holloway

    Lee Holloway

  • Festus Bediako

    Festus Bediako

  • Trevor Barzey

    Trevor Barzey

  • Esra Basal

    Esra Basal

  • Mohammed Rahman

    Mohammed Rahman

  • Nozrul Shahid

    Nozrul Shahid

  • Vita Cepuleviciute

    Vita Cepuleviciute

  • Christine Cork

    Christine Cork

  • Delhad Ahmed

    Delhad Ahmed

  • Ken Benjamin

    Ken Benjamin

  • Sokol Krasniqi

    Sokol Krasniqi

  • Shah Hussain

    Shah Hussain

  • Michael Kodwiw

    Michael Kodwiw

  • Carlos Eduardo Lizarazo Acosta

    Carlos Eduardo Lizarazo Acosta

  • Mahbub Choudhury

    Mahbub Choudhury

  • Zuhel Uddin

    Zuhel Uddin

  • Martin Sale

    Martin Sale

  • Shahel Hasan

    Shahel Hasan

  • Shaker Ajaib

    Shaker Ajaib

  • Clement Hector

    Clement Hector

  • Kevin Stanton

    Kevin Stanton

  • Craig Morris

    Craig Morris

  • Chris Constantinou

    Chris Constantinou

  • Amir Schati

    Amir Schati

  • Solly Judah

    Solly Judah

  • Rabaya Hafeez

    Rabaya Hafeez

  • Saeed Reza

    Saeed Reza

  • Neil C Saunders

    Neil C Saunders

  • Ellie Elia

    Ellie Elia

  • Martin Godden

    Martin Godden

  • Ezekiel Feigin

    Ezekiel Feigin

  • Harry Edebiri

    Harry Edebiri

  • Darren Barrett

    Darren Barrett

  • Monika Boryszewska

    Monika Boryszewska

  • Rajwinder Virdee

    Rajwinder Virdee

  • Sofia Hafeez

    Sofia Hafeez

  • Shala Mirza

    Shala Mirza

  • Karen Elkomaty

    Karen Elkomaty

  • Nicholas Lowe

    Nicholas Lowe

  • Amanat Ullah

    Amanat Ullah

  • Michael Hollingbery

    Michael Hollingbery

  • Somir Ali

    Somir Ali

  • Sebastian Watemborski

    Sebastian Watemborski

  • Iyasu Elijah Jaha

    Iyasu Elijah Jaha

  • Shimara Begum

    Shimara Begum

  • Sadia Khan

    Sadia Khan

  • Kamel Elkomaty

    Kamel Elkomaty

  • Hojjat Eatemadie

    Hojjat Eatemadie

  • Marcia Connell

    Marcia Connell

  • Francis Tripp

    Francis Tripp

  • Ebtekar Yadgary

    Ebtekar Yadgary

  • Mahesh Meghji

    Mahesh Meghji

  • Amir Jami

    Amir Jami

  • Paul Norbert

    Paul Norbert

  • Marlon Jarrett

    Marlon Jarrett

  • Chimanlal Varsani

    Chimanlal Varsani

  • Kajal Pithadiya

    Kajal Pithadiya

  • Wuhib Alemayehu

    Wuhib Alemayehu

  • Hedayat Wardak

    Hedayat Wardak

  • Andy Briers

    Andy Briers

  • Charles Samuel

    Charles Samuel

  • Robert Necula

    Robert Necula

  • Shapour Alishahi

    Shapour Alishahi

  • Antonio Hani

    Antonio Hani

  • Rahim  Davoodi

    Rahim Davoodi

  • Pratishkumar Patel

    Pratishkumar Patel

  • Amjad Khan

    Amjad Khan

  • Wendon Davis

    Wendon Davis

  • Pragna Jivabhai

    Pragna Jivabhai

  • Antonio Afonso

    Antonio Afonso

  • Raj Shah

    Raj Shah

  • Kamlesh Bhudia

    Kamlesh Bhudia

  • Beatrice Balema Elonga

    Beatrice Balema Elonga

  • Besim Kulenovic

    Besim Kulenovic

  • Saeid Fayazi

    Saeid Fayazi

  • Tahir Hashmi

    Tahir Hashmi

  • Maria Paone

    Maria Paone

  • Yonas Afewerki

    Yonas Afewerki

  • Ricky Taaffe

    Ricky Taaffe

  • Defrim Limani

    Defrim Limani

  • Mark Phipps

    Mark Phipps

  • Michael Sheahan

    Michael Sheahan

  • Andrew Hughes

    Andrew Hughes

  • Hannah Peaker

    Hannah Peaker

  • Sarah Marsters-Bright

    Sarah Marsters-Bright

  • Kul Dhillon

    Kul Dhillon

  • Zohaib Hanif

    Zohaib Hanif

  • Chris Aston

    Chris Aston

  • Richard Wraith

    Richard Wraith

  • Devendra Giri

    Devendra Giri

  • Colin Greenwood

    Colin Greenwood

  • Scott Percie

    Scott Percie

  • Ersan Mehmet

    Ersan Mehmet

  • Patryk Polakowski

    Patryk Polakowski

  • Abdiqawi  Abukar

    Abdiqawi Abukar

  • Earl Winston Smith

    Earl Winston Smith

  • Stuart Town

    Stuart Town

  • David Stewart

    David Stewart

  • Trevor Carpenter

    Trevor Carpenter

  • Joseph Norman

    Joseph Norman

  • Patricia Darko

    Patricia Darko

  • John Van-Praagh

    John Van-Praagh

  • Binega  Kerali

    Binega Kerali

  • Hafiz Qamar Mahboob

    Hafiz Qamar Mahboob

  • Kalldean Barton

    Kalldean Barton

  • Funda Veli

    Funda Veli

  • Leon Manning

    Leon Manning

  • Ragul Theivemthiran

    Ragul Theivemthiran

  • Ricardo Moore

    Ricardo Moore

  • Michael Busari

    Michael Busari

  • Mark Laurence Stacey

    Mark Laurence Stacey

  • Vitalijus Simovicius

    Vitalijus Simovicius

  • Geoffrey Arhin

    Geoffrey Arhin

  • Abdirahman Islow

    Abdirahman Islow

  • Ian Lovendhal

    Ian Lovendhal

  • Mark Robinson

    Mark Robinson

  • Karen Dean

    Karen Dean

  • Vipin Chakrapani

    Vipin Chakrapani

  • Elisa Termkolli

    Elisa Termkolli

  • Alfredo  Zufolo

    Alfredo Zufolo

  • Ilona Szancilo

    Ilona Szancilo

  • Shekar Muthiah

    Shekar Muthiah

  • Davide Riselli

    Davide Riselli

  • Nigel Davies

    Nigel Davies

  • Nirmaljit  Kaur

    Nirmaljit Kaur

  • Sarah Mascall

    Sarah Mascall

  • Ufuoma Achamba

    Ufuoma Achamba

  • Tony Whale

    Tony Whale

  • Ged Deutrom

    Ged Deutrom

  • Darren Smith

    Darren Smith

  • Omar Mohamed-Benkada

    Omar Mohamed-Benkada

  • Paul A Lawrence

    Paul A Lawrence

  • Dritan Kucaj

    Dritan Kucaj

  • Aaron Tracey

    Aaron Tracey

  • Danny Roberts

    Danny Roberts

  • Martin Lyons

    Martin Lyons

  • Tomas Zeman

    Tomas Zeman

  • Shahid Iqbal

    Shahid Iqbal

  • Sukhwinder  Singh

    Sukhwinder Singh

  • Wesley Cornibert

    Wesley Cornibert

  • Brian Kent

    Brian Kent

  • Hassany Ahmed

    Hassany Ahmed

  • Joshua Lee

    Joshua Lee

  • Geethi Khoramistani

    Geethi Khoramistani

  • Mohammed Koys Miah

    Mohammed Koys Miah

  • Ahmed Olufemi A Adewale

    Ahmed Olufemi A Adewale

  • Ian Fordrey

    Ian Fordrey

  • Michael Thompson

    Michael Thompson

  • Keith Renton

    Keith Renton

  • Kanbhai Alli S  Nanjegowda

    Kanbhai Alli S Nanjegowda

  • Alyssa Antoine

    Alyssa Antoine

  • Mohammed Ali

    Mohammed Ali

  • Byron Okon

    Byron Okon

  • Rajanreet  Sandhu

    Rajanreet Sandhu

  • Stephen Cole

    Stephen Cole

  • Prudie Whitney

    Prudie Whitney

  • Raghav Kumar

    Raghav Kumar

  • Muhammed Asif Khokar

    Muhammed Asif Khokar

  • Mick Shaw

    Mick Shaw

  • Slawomir Bartosinski

    Slawomir Bartosinski

  • Gordon Foulds

    Gordon Foulds

  • Alan Thomas

    Alan Thomas

  • Suzan Besarany

    Suzan Besarany

  • Rashpal   Plahe

    Rashpal Plahe

  • Steve Wright

    Steve Wright

  • Daniel Leonczuk

    Daniel Leonczuk

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