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Practical in-Car Training

Practical in-Car Training

Fleet Training

RED Fleet Driver Training offers a combination of four straight-forward approaches to risk management:

  • Licence Checking
  • Online risk profiling and e-learning
  • Practical in-car training with a qualified fleet driver trainer
  • Classroom sessions delivered by a qualified fleet driver trainer (FDT)

The highest standards of company driver training

Our practical corporate driver training sessions are delivered by fully qualified RED Fleet Driver Trainers who have all signed the RED Fleet Code of Conduct and are regularly checked and closely monitored by our in-house quality assurance team.

They must adhere to our high standards and expectations at all times ensuring our clients’ needs come first.

Due to RED’s uncompromising approach to quality and service, all RED Fleet Driver training clients can be confident of the effectiveness of our quality assurance programme.

Here’s how a typical in-car training session is conducted

All sessions are structured in line with DVSA guidelines. The RED Fleet Driver Trainer will deliver either a session that the client has specifically requested, or a session designed to meet each driver’s needs. These sessions can be for individual candidates or two candidates can be accommodated at the same time if requested. Written reports are provided following every session.

  • Suitable routes can be planned in advance if necessary, to ensure all appropriate road and traffic environments are incorporated.
  • Upon meeting the candidate, the Fleet Driver Trainer will check the driving licence or a passport purely for identification purposes. A full licence checking procedure is also available on request.
  • The Fleet Driver Trainer will ensure that the candidate’s eyesight meets the minimum legal standard.
  • The Fleet Driver Trainer will ensure the candidate conducts full vehicle checks if required by the client or alternatively can ‘spot check’ one or more areas.
  • A short driving assessment is usually carried out to allow the candidate to relax and demonstrate their normal style of driving. The purpose is to identify driving behaviour that puts the candidate at risk of being involved in an accident or breaching traffic law and subsequently collecting points on their licence.

Using expert coaching techniques, the Fleet Driver Trainer will then work on enhancing the current skills of the driver checking that the appropriate knowledge and understanding is in place. If necessary, practical demonstrations will be offered to the candidates focussing on:

  • Risks observed during the assessment:
    • The FDT will endeavour to resolve higher risk behaviours as a priority
  • Fuel efficient driving:
    • Simple instant solutions
      • Avoid using air con where possible
      • Stable loads
      • Unnecessary loads
    • Removing roof racks etc when not required
    • Controlling the speed correctly
  • Vehicle sympathy: (works alongside fuel savings)
    • Controls
      • Gentle acceleration
      • Progressive braking
    • Smooth gear changes
    • Correct gear choice
    • Speed bumps – potholes etc
  • Speed awareness:
    • Use of cruise control if available
    • Use of speed limiter if available
    • Strategies to help to check and remember
  • Safe manoeuvring:
    • Control
    • Use of speed
    • Observations
    • Particular safety checks

Following the coaching & development phase a final risk profile will be produced and a final score which will indicate whether any improvement has been observed. The risks observed will be prioritised into;

  • High risk behaviour
    • Breach of a traffic law
    • Potential to create a safety critical incident
  • Medium risk behaviour
    • Consistent weakness in one or more areas – e.g. not using MSM
  • Low risk behaviour
    • Occasional weakness in one or more areas – safety was not significantly compromised
    • Areas of driving where falling further below recommended standards could escalate to medium or high – risk behaviour

Recommendations will be made as to the necessity for further training and thorough feedback will be provided to both the client and the candidate.

Professional driver training that delivers

Our practical training sessions are
educational, motivational and enjoyable. Feedback
from previous candidates and our established clients has been very positive.

See how we can help your business

Give us a call to discuss your fleet driver training objectives.

If you have a current supplier or suppliers, we’d love to provide a quote to see if we can give you a better service at a better price.

We can also offer our guidance if you are looking to take your first steps into managing road risk within your organisation.



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Practical in-Car Training