Skid control car driving in action

Skid Car Training Course

Gain the skills you need to manage in all conditions from wind and rain, to ice and snow. Become a more competent driver by learning how to avoid skidding on the road.

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Undertake the experience at the spectacular Donington Park race circuit.


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Learn to drive in all conditions. From wind and rain to snow and ice

Whether you’re driving for business or pleasure, Britain’s inclement weather means that most drivers will at some stage find themselves in a situation where the car is likely to break traction and skid. Our uniquely enjoyable skid pan experience teaches valuable driving skills in a risk-free environment and we’re confident you’ll leave Donington Park a better, safer, road user.

If your drivers are out in winter then they’re at significantly higher risk, especially with the increasing extreme weather we’re facing. Our skid car and winter training course gives drivers all the skills they need to manage in all conditions from wind and rain, to ice and snow.

Our course will help you to:

  • Plan journeys
  • Adapt your driving style
  • Recognise road conditions

And MANY other techniques that will help you remain safe in bad weather

Following a short safety briefing, you will venture to our skid pan area for a skid pan experience based on a hydraulic skid frame built specially for the purpose. You’ll understand about what actually makes a car skid and experience the feeling of loss of car control on ice and water and then, most importantly, you’ll learn how to react quickly to put you back in control!

Why Skid Car training with RED?

Check out our preview video to get a feel for why RED Skid Pan training is so beneficial to drivers

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Half day course

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Suitable for up to 6 drivers per session



We can be found at:

RED Training Centre, Donington Park Race Circuit, DE74 2BN

Every driver, no matter their level, should learn how to prevent and handle skids.

This course provides the perfect opportunity to acquire this essential life skill.

All drivers will leave with the knowledge of what causes a vehicle to skid and what to do to stop this from happening.


The course includes a classroom based briefing/presentation on the theory of skids, front wheel, rear wheel & four wheel skids, ABS, TCS & ESP systems and pulse braking.

Drivers will leave with a certificate and online report from their session.


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