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Our bespoke wellbeing training solutions are proven to help people cope with the stresses of modern day life and perform at their very best.

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Our approach works

We have worked in the Health, Wellbeing, Resiliency and Human Performance since 2008, working with clients ranging from school children through to world champion sportspeople and a very wide range of business and organisational settings.

We achieve positive results based on scientifically proven techniques which are geared to helping us to cope and deal with stress in this modern world.

Understanding how and why we react the way we do under certain circumstances is the first part to improving. Our training is based around simple and easy to understand strategies which can be built into our daily routines to allow us to perform at our best.

Traditionally, Well Being Programmes have been expensive and therefore delivered only to senior executives or those employees who are suffering through stress. But our approach is different and means that we can tailor a cost-effective solution for everyone.


We have been successfully delivering a range of interactive Health, Wellbeing & Resiliency workshops for over 10 years to a wide variety of delegates, from school children to elite athletes and extensively across business, UK wide.

However, our expertise lies in improving the performance of ‘people’ whatever and wherever they are from and we have tangible and auditable proof that what we deliver, works!

Many organisations have already subscribed to our online Wellbeing Profiler, WBP, and as such are already benefitting from this great tool and the data output that this provides.

As a direct result of this ‘data’ we have now created a range of ‘mini’ workshops that directly address the areas that are reported on in the WBP.

These bite-sized practical workshops give the why and the practical how’s with each workshop tailored to expand on the advice given in the POD profiler.

All sessions are interactive, coupled with high energy and engaging delivery providing delegates with useful, practical tools and techniques that will help them and develop their wellbeing.

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POD001 - Healthy Lifestyle

Good nutrition, exercise and weight control. This workshop focuses on all lifestyle sections of the POD profiler.

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POD002 - Mental Clarity and Brain fitness

This workshop focuses on the mental clarity, decisiveness and control sections of the POD profiler.

POD003 - Improving your sleep

This workshop focuses on the Tiredness section of the POD profiler.

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POD004 - Successfully Managing Stress

This workshop focuses on the Anxiety, Anger and Relaxed sections of the POD Profiler.

POD005 - Personal effectiveness

This workshop focuses on Self-management and Self-esteem sections of the POD Profiler.

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Bespoke and flexible solutions to meet your need and suit your budget
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Innovative online wellbeing profiler and personal development tool
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Training can be delivered online, at our own dedicated Training Centre or at your chosen location

What our clients say

We wanted to help the Senior Management Team develop a strategy to take our business forward and deal with significant change. The two sessions exceeded all our expectations; we reached new insights and developed a plan to move our business forward.

Laura Bell – Operations Manager, Next Step, Newcastle

“In 22 years of service this was simply the best training session I have ever been on. Thought provoking and practical tools I can use in my role as a manager.”

Lisa Tiling – HR Manager HM Prison Service

Not having received any details regarding what this course detailed in advance, I must admit to having attending feeling quite sceptical. These less ‘traditional’ courses often just seem like box ticking exercises and I often struggle to see the relevance to me as an NW employee.

However, in this case I feel compelled to contact you ,to tell you that it was excellent. The trainer was not only a passionate and engaging instructor but he is also clearly very knowledgeable in this field. I learnt so much in this session , which will not only benefit me as an employee but I can take with me to improve and understand more about myself and others and I will definitely be recommending this to any of my colleagues who have yet to attend this course.

Kim Pearse – Northumbria Water

“I have learned so much from all the leadership sessions. I left with a new confidence in my ability and inspired to make a difference.”

Gary Power – Area Manager for After Sales Scania GB

I attended the Personal Resilience training last week and I just wanted to advise you that we all were very impressed with the content and delivery and have come away with some positive ideas for change.

We are all trying to drink more water and I am trying the seed mix recipe, so hopefully we will see some good results.
Unanimous conclusion was that it was a fantastic course.

Janet Bourne – Essex & Suffolk Water

“Our customer service improvement programme was delivered to over 400 staff across our entire UK network. Every session was delivered with passion, enthusiasm and inspired our staff to develop a strategy to improve customer service.”

Alison Pratt – HR Manager Scania GB

“John developed and delivered our bespoke Management Development Programme to all our Locality Managers. It has been a resounding success. All our managers gave glowing feedback about each of the sessions and I know they have grown in confidence as managers. I have witnessed a more professional approach and maturity in our managers following their development.”

Rita James – HR Director Alternative Futures

“The most powerful and heart warming session I have ever had the privilege to attend. Your trainer’s knowledge is second to none and his passion and belief in the subject matter is inspirational.”

Simon Ward – Educational Psychologist Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council


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