Transport Manager CPC

The Transport Manager CPC course (Certificate of Professional Competence) ensures transport managers continue to receive vital compliance knowledge and the ability to put it into practice. Demonstrating ‘professional competence’ is a fundamental requirement of the operator licensing system, for both Standard National and Standard International licences.

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Course Details

The Transport Manager CPC for both Road Haulage & Passenger Transport is a nationally recognised qualification for those looking to work as a Transport Manager under a Standard National or International Operator Licence.

There are three options for gaining the CPC qualification.

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No. of Trainees

1 – 6

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Course Duration

Flexible dependent upon chosen format

Option 1 – Intensive classroom study

A 10-day intensive classroom course is the most effective method for obtaining the Transport Manager CPC qualification. Our experienced tutors will guide you through the syllabus, with plenty of practice of practice exercises to ensure understanding.

The syllabus covers a wide range of subjects from setting up a business, managing financial and legal arrangements and employing staff through to managing drivers’ hours and records and international transport.

Part of our role as a training provider is to not only ensure you understand the syllabus fully, but you are also prepared for the final exams.

Exams are held quarterly, and our classroom courses run the two weeks leading into the exam. Our classroom pass rate is on average 70% each quarter.


Option 2 – Distance Learning

One of the drawbacks of attending a classroom course is time out of your business or work, we created a solution – the Distance Learning Package
The distance learning CPC course is an effective compromise between home study and classroom learning.

The Distance Learning CPC study option is suitable for both Road Haulage & Passenger Transport operations.

With this package, you get the flexibility of home study and the help and support of a dedicated tutor, your tutor will provide guidance, feedback and answer any questions you may have on the subject, having two days of classroom revision really brings this course together, during the session we will revise the entire syllabus, and prepare you fully for the final exam.

What do you get with the package?

  • The same course material that is used in our successful classroom courses (kept up to date should any changes need to be made)
  • Study guide
  • Stage tests
  • Case study exercises
  • A structured plan and timescale for learning
  • A tutor to mark your completed stage tests and case studies
  • Feedback, advice and guidance from the tutor
  • 2 days free classroom revision time (mock exams, tests and exam preparation) Revision sessions are held two days prior to your chosen exam date. Revision is usually held at our NFE training centre.
  • All exam fees included

We will continue to offer support and material updates for two exam periods (6 months) Distance learning is more cost effective than a classroom course but will require a significant level of self-motivation.


Option 3 – Home Study

Our Transport Manager CPC home study course will provide you with the tools necessary to prepare to sit either the Road Haulage or Passenger Transport CPC exams.

What do you get with the package

  • Full course material
  • Revision notes & study guide Case study exercises
  • Multiple choice papers
  • Full past case study exams Research material
  • Free course material updates

Why Choose CPC Home Study Course?

Choosing to study in your own time is a difficult task, by choosing our course material you can be confident the course you are learning is correct, up to date and contains all the practice material you need to be confident you have every opportunity, studying out of date material is the cause of so many missed opportunities when sitting the CPC exams.

We will supply you with free course updates for 6 months from the date of purchase, when you sit your exams (additional cost) you can be confident that the material you have been studying is some of the most up to date in the industry.

Is the Transport Manager CPC Course Easy?

Often one of the first questions we are asked, and the short answer is, no.

The Transport Manager CPC syllabus covers a wide range of subjects ranging from Drivers’ hours to business taxation, to have the greatest possible chance of passing the Transport Manager CPC you need to choose a training provider with the experience, the facilities, and the teaching ability to provide support and learning required to pass the Transport Manager CPC qualification.

We do not guarantee a pass, that is impossible! We do promise to prepare you well, giving you the knowledge and strategies to enter the exam with confidence in your abilities.

Classroom courses run Monday to Friday over the two-week period, usual start time is 08:00 – 16:30.

Maintaining Our Pass Rates

Our pass rates are consistently high, delegates pay significant amounts of money and put their trust in our abilities. Every effort is taken to ensure that delegates are given the best possible chance to pass their CPC exams first time.

Course material will be sent out once payment has been received. (Minimum 3 weeks prior to the course start)

Refreshments & lunch are provided throughout the duration of the classroom course.

Exams are held on the last day of the classroom course usually at our NFE training centre, we do also occasionally use an overflow exam centre nearby.
Maintaining Our Pass Rates

Our pass rates are consistently high, delegates pay significant amounts of money and put their trust in our abilities. Every effort is taken to ensure that delegates are given the best possible chance to pass their CPC exams first time.

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We maintain this high standard by:


Course Material

Our course material is reviewed every two months, delegates need to be studying correct and up to date material.

Delegate to Tutor Ratio

We keep our class sizes small to allow each delegate ample opportunity for 1 to 1 tutor time.

Room Format

Instead of the usual “U” shape we have adapted our classrooms to reflect the various skills & experiences of the delegates introducing team orientated learning, all delegates benefit from the collective experience in the class.

Exam Preparation

Learning and understanding the syllabus is, of course, important but having the strategies & processes to transfer that knowledge onto the exam paper is equally important, we will teach you how to PASS the exam.

Who is it for?

If you are an aspiring Transport Manager, gaining the Transport Manager CPC qualification can seem a daunting task.
We created a CPC learning program to suit all levels of knowledge and experience.

By providing highly qualified teachers, bespoke course material and venues perfect for learning we achieve some of the highest Transport Manager CPC pass rates in the industry.

In 2012, the National & International CPC’s were combined, the Transport Manager CPC you study allows you to operate under both a National & International Operator licence.

Full and detailed on-going status reports will be produced for the trainee & Manager.



Transport Manager CPC allows you to operate under both a National & International Operator licence, and to provide professional, safe and efficient processes in your transport operation.

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Whatever your driver risk and fleet safety need, RED Corporate Driver Training can deliver – with a comprehensive range from licence checking to online assessments and e-learning, to on-road training, off-road (4×4) training and even HGV licence acquisition we can help.

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