CPC Driver Training – Trailer Familiarisation, and Loading Training

Undertake this bespoke course focused on understanding the licensing for towing, criteria for tachograph use, driver hours within BE, C1E and CE categories.

Drivers will gain practical, interactive skills in hitching/unhitching, loading, and towing a trailer safely.

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Objectives – to discuss, understand and develop strategies to manage:

• Develop theory and knowledge required to tow trailers safely with various categories

• Interactive classroom session tailored to the group on licensing, tachograph use, and driver hours associated with towing

• Vehicle and trailer safety checks

• Hitching and unhitching process completed confidently and safely using BLACK acronym

• Dynamically risk assessing and creating measures to reduce risks when towing

• Ensure that the driver can confidently, accurately, and safely control the trailer and vehicle in normal driving and reversing situations.

• Safely controlling the vehicle and trailer on gradients and complex real-life situations