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Driving lessons in Sheffield

If you’re learning to drive and looking for reliable driving schools in the Sheffield area, why not choose RED? RED Driving School has a dedicated team of DSA registered local driving instructors in and around the Sheffield area waiting to help you pass your test. All our instructors strive to make learning to drive fun but most of all, safe so you can be sure you will feel fully confident on the roads for years to come.

This area covers the following districts:

Barnsley, Chesterfield, Dronfield, Hope Valley, Mexborough, Rotherham, Sheffield, Worksop

RED driving instructors covering this postcode area:

  • Mark Griffiths

    Mark Griffiths

  • Neil Leary

    Neil Leary

  • Liam Leary

    Liam Leary

  • Jason Seaman

    Jason Seaman

  • Alan Martin

    Alan Martin

  • Richard Holdcroft

    Richard Holdcroft

  • Graham Molden

    Graham Molden

  • Chris Wood

    Chris Wood

  • Amanda Pepper

    Amanda Pepper

  • Catherine Lees

    Catherine Lees

  • Sophie Marples

    Sophie Marples

  • Eddie Tarleton-Hodgson

    Eddie Tarleton-Hodgson

  • Chris Towsey

    Chris Towsey

  • Richard Watts

    Richard Watts

  • Muhammad Asim

    Muhammad Asim

  • Stephen Bottomley

    Stephen Bottomley

  • Antony Plant

    Antony Plant

  • Lindelani Sibanda

    Lindelani Sibanda

  • John Morris

    John Morris

  • Stephen Reid

    Stephen Reid

  • Darren Ashmole

    Darren Ashmole

  • David Mcblain

    David Mcblain

  • Stephen Swinard

    Stephen Swinard

  • Lawrence Mccran

    Lawrence Mccran

  • Emma Victory

    Emma Victory

  • Stephanie Liles-Wood

    Stephanie Liles-Wood

  • James Ellis

    James Ellis

  • Michael Garwood

    Michael Garwood

  • Alfred Stephen Gregson

    Alfred Stephen Gregson

  • Lewis Bell

    Lewis Bell

  • David Cutts

    David Cutts

  • Duncan Lennox

    Duncan Lennox

  • Peter Moor

    Peter Moor

  • Mark Kitchen

    Mark Kitchen

  • Ian Proctor

    Ian Proctor

  • Nicholas Ford

    Nicholas Ford

  • Brian Williams

    Brian Williams

  • Paul Hunter

    Paul Hunter

  • Mohammad Muflih

    Mohammad Muflih

  • Michelle Asman

    Michelle Asman

  • Claire Blackwell

    Claire Blackwell

  • Thomas Ahern

    Thomas Ahern

  • Jodi Scattergood

    Jodi Scattergood

  • Hasan  Mallorca

    Hasan Mallorca

  • Ian Mcginnies

    Ian Mcginnies

  • Mandy Taylor

    Mandy Taylor

  • Peter Rowe

    Peter Rowe

RED Driving School  /  

Where To Find Us