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Driving lessons in Dartford

Are you looking for a reliable driving school in Dartford? Look no further! RED’s Dartford driving school has top quality local driving instructors who are all DSA approved. RED driving schools in Dartford have fantastic introductory discounts on driving lessons, and block booking discounts may be available.

50% off Driving Lessons with RED Driving School in Dartford *

Take advantage of our fantastic introductory offer on driving lessons with RED Driving School in Dartford.

As a learner with RED Driving School in Dartford you will also benefit from:

  • Help with theory training
  • Block booking discounts
  • Lesson booking online 24/7 in MyRED
  • RED's Road Brain Training, helping to increase your chance of passing the practical test by 14%

*Available to provisional licence holders and new learners with RED Driving School only

This area covers the following districts:

Belvedere, Bexley, Bexleyheath, Dartford, Erith, Gravesend, Greenhithe, Longfield, Sidcup, Swanscombe, Welling

RED driving instructors covering this postcode area:

  • David John Ewen

    David John Ewen

  • Ashwani Makkar

    Ashwani Makkar

  • Jason Rose

    Jason Rose

  • David Stewart

    David Stewart

  • Ian  Davis

    Ian Davis

  • Stephen Taylor

    Stephen Taylor

  • Lynne Bobby

    Lynne Bobby

  • Erkins Learmond

    Erkins Learmond

  • Funda Veli

    Funda Veli

  • Paul   Williams

    Paul Williams

  • Nilesh Patel

    Nilesh Patel

  • Lisa Tanner

    Lisa Tanner

  • Reg Pressley

    Reg Pressley

  • Paul Cook

    Paul Cook

  • Antoni Luczak

    Antoni Luczak

  • Mike Nkwo

    Mike Nkwo

  • Roger Chase

    Roger Chase

  • Asim Dogar

    Asim Dogar

  • Kul Dhillon

    Kul Dhillon

  • Michael Voce

    Michael Voce

  • James Daniel Bryer

    James Daniel Bryer

  • Kristina Connell

    Kristina Connell

  • Cafer Ciftci

    Cafer Ciftci

  • Ricky Taaffe

    Ricky Taaffe

  • Mehmet Direncay

    Mehmet Direncay

  • Thomas Ennis

    Thomas Ennis

  • John Van-Praagh

    John Van-Praagh

  • Zia Azad

    Zia Azad

  • Amanda Davis

    Amanda Davis

  • Simon Long

    Simon Long

  • Tracey Jackson

    Tracey Jackson

  • Mark Phipps

    Mark Phipps

  • Rajwinder Matharu

    Rajwinder Matharu

  • Debra Quee

    Debra Quee

  • Dominika Przybylkowicz-Egbedi

    Dominika Przybylkowicz-Egbedi

  • Jonathan Walker

    Jonathan Walker

  • Scott Percie

    Scott Percie

  • Ersan Mehmet

    Ersan Mehmet

  • Rohima Miah

    Rohima Miah

  • Kumary Nathan

    Kumary Nathan

  • Steven James

    Steven James

  • Youssef Doumou

    Youssef Doumou

  • Conrad Rozario

    Conrad Rozario

  • Stuart Clark

    Stuart Clark

  • Peter Brace

    Peter Brace

  • Mireille Samba-Bandza

    Mireille Samba-Bandza

  • Devendra Giri

    Devendra Giri

  • Ashley Bayes

    Ashley Bayes

  • Claire Robb

    Claire Robb

  • Graham Baker

    Graham Baker

  • Laxman Neupane

    Laxman Neupane

  • Akintunde Ogunmakinwa

    Akintunde Ogunmakinwa

  • Anthony  Banks

    Anthony Banks

  • Will Ireson

    Will Ireson

  • Kevin Ball

    Kevin Ball

  • Defrim Limani

    Defrim Limani

  • Timothy Edridge

    Timothy Edridge

  • Letisha Buchanan

    Letisha Buchanan

  • Colin Tarry

    Colin Tarry

  • Elvis Hoxholli

    Elvis Hoxholli

  • Peter Cruise

    Peter Cruise

  • Stuart Town

    Stuart Town

  • Marcus Seeley

    Marcus Seeley

  • Richard Grimes

    Richard Grimes

  • Helen Roffey

    Helen Roffey

  • Hardeep Arkan

    Hardeep Arkan

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Where To Find Us