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Driving lessons in Coventry

If you’ve been looking for driving schools in Coventry, you’ve come to the right place! RED Driving School Coventry has highly qualified local driving instructors available to prepare you for your driving test. Our instructors are trained to provide fun and enjoyable lessons whilst also focussing on keeping you safe and teaching you how to stay safe and confident on the roads for life. Our instructors are proud to see you achieve and make every effort to support you.

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As a learner with RED Driving School in Coventry you will also benefit from:

  • Help with theory training
  • Block booking discounts
  • Lesson booking online 24/7 in MyRED
  • RED's Road Brain Training, helping to increase your chance of passing the practical test by 14%

*Available to provisional licence holders and new learners with RED Driving School only

This area covers the following districts:

Atherstone, Bedworth, Coventry, Leamington Spa, Nuneaton, Rugby, Shipston-On-Stour, Southam, Warwick

RED driving instructors covering this postcode area:

  • Jamie Hewitt

    Jamie Hewitt

  • Stephen Staddon

    Stephen Staddon

  • Aaron Beech

    Aaron Beech

  • Darren Cheshire

    Darren Cheshire

  • Derrick Owens

    Derrick Owens

  • Anthony Harrison

    Anthony Harrison

  • Steven Frear

    Steven Frear

  • Tom Eardley

    Tom Eardley

  • Veer Jagir Singh

    Veer Jagir Singh

  • Reza Zeinali

    Reza Zeinali

  • Paul Wordsworth

    Paul Wordsworth

  • Khalil Ahmad Naziri

    Khalil Ahmad Naziri

  • Judith Bent

    Judith Bent

  • Amanda Acton

    Amanda Acton

  • Pamela Yu

    Pamela Yu

  • Jutinder Dhut

    Jutinder Dhut

  • Daniel Bennett

    Daniel Bennett

  • Kevin Mawby

    Kevin Mawby

  • Gillian Edwards

    Gillian Edwards

  • Gabor Uicz

    Gabor Uicz

  • Patrick Crowley

    Patrick Crowley

  • Stuart Clark

    Stuart Clark

  • Michael Garrity

    Michael Garrity

  • Ben Seyer

    Ben Seyer

  • Mohammed Mahdi

    Mohammed Mahdi

  • Eddie Walsh

    Eddie Walsh

  • Cornelius Nguatem

    Cornelius Nguatem

  • Anthony Hill

    Anthony Hill

  • Manmit Dhut

    Manmit Dhut

  • Karen Windsor

    Karen Windsor

  • Daniel Bussue

    Daniel Bussue

  • Angela Everett

    Angela Everett

  • Robert Baker

    Robert Baker

  • Alex Kiselov

    Alex Kiselov

  • Andy Webster

    Andy Webster

  • Robert Greaves

    Robert Greaves

  • Sunny Gill

    Sunny Gill

  • Jaspal Singh

    Jaspal Singh

  • Sher Fazel

    Sher Fazel

  • Paul Thompson

    Paul Thompson

  • Ruth Bevan

    Ruth Bevan

  • Graham Izzard

    Graham Izzard

  • Farah Gelle

    Farah Gelle

  • David Biddle

    David Biddle

  • Anthony Witham

    Anthony Witham

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Where To Find Us