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ingenie offers insurance discount to new drivers trained by RED Driving School

ingenie offers insurance discount to new drivers trained by RED Driving School

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22nd Aug 2013: ingenie and RED Driving School today announce what is believed to be the first deal in the UK between a driving school and an insurance provider that directly rewards and encourages better driving.

ingenie is now offering a 5% discount to all new drivers who have had 10 or more hours of professional tuition with RED Driving School. For the average 17 year-old customer, this represents a saving of around £100 on their annual premium.

ingenie, which uses a telematics black box to measure how safely its 17-25 year old policyholders are driving, is able to offer this discount because its data shows that on average RED drivers are safer.

As part of the insurance, a black box is fitted out of sight in the car and collects data on how the car is being driven. The ingenie box assesses individual driving styles and driver feedback is available via the ingenie mobile app and online.

Key areas of driving assessed include speed, cornering, braking and acceleration. The price is reviewed every 3 months and the best drivers could receive a further discount of up to 10% in the first year – so if they drive well, they could pay less. 70% of ingenie drivers have received a discount for good driving after their ingenie feedback.

Within the existing ingenie community of young drivers, those who were trained at a RED Driving School have been found to drive more safely, making the combination of RED’s tuition and ingenie’s on-going feedback a perfect match.

“RED Driving School is all about giving its learners the skills and confidence to pass their test and to drive safely beyond the test stage. We have an on-going commitment to ensuring new drivers who pass their test are extremely safety conscious in a bid to make Britain’s roads a safer place to drive. This insurance deal with ingenie helps to reward young drivers for safe driving by reducing their insurance costs. We hope that by rewarding safer driving, we will encourage safer driving,” said Ian McIntosh, Chief Executive at RED Driving School.

Commenting on the RED discount, Richard King, founder and CEO at ingenie said: “RED and ingenie are two organisations coming together to help young drivers get on the road for less, and to do it safely. In that spirit we are delighted to be able to further incentivise our customers with this discount, because we’re seeing that RED learners are generally safer than other new drivers.

“Getting on the road can be hugely expensive when you’re young, so giving a significant insurance discount for RED-trained drivers will make a big difference to our customers. This is, of course, the first of a number of discounts our customers could earn – including quarterly discounts for good driving, and renewal prices which are on average half the customer’s starting price.”

About ingenie

ingenie is an innovative new way of insuring young drivers. We exclusively insure 17 to 25 year olds who often struggle to find affordable premiums elsewhere. Our policyholders join a community of young drivers who benefit from ingenie black box telematics technology that constantly assesses their driving performance.

We build a picture of a driver’s individual style, awareness and safety on the road, rewarding those who drive well with cheaper insurance premiums and helping those who need improvement become safer.

Established in late 2011, ingenie offers a disruptive, fresh way of providing car insurance to young people and has quickly become a powerful digital brand in its own right.

The company counts footballer turned broadcaster Gary Lineker among its high-profile investors and ambassadors. Williams F1 is a key partner assisting in the development of telematics, high-profile brand promotion and road safety. The company is also backed by leading figures from UK business, including Sir Martin Broughton, Chairman of British Airways.


ingenie press contact

Will Powell |

t: +44 (0)207 287 9610 | m: +44 (0)7763 753 800

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ingenie offers insurance discount to new drivers trained by RED Driving School