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We’ve been busy…

Over the past 6 months, here at RED Driving School we’ve been finding out more than ever before about our pupils and training pipeline. We asked over 1000 of our students, and just as many of our potential instructors what they thought, and how they felt about their experience with RED. This is part of […]

A shame for foreign-language learners, Ian McIntosh comments

Here at RED we are proud of our school’s the diversity, we’ve taught men and women from across the world to drive safely and pass the UK driving test for as long as anyone can remember. Since 2000, it’s been possible to take the practical and theory tests in up to 19 different languages, as […]

Jay Camilleri learns to drive with RED

Jay Camilleri, star of Channel 4’s Dirty, Sexy, Things has started learning to drive with RED Driving School. The 23-year-old model had his first driving lesson on Friday, after a previous 18 month driving ban due to an accident whilst he was learning to drive. Jay has abstained from driving for three years, and is […]

Insurance faker caught RED handed!

You may or may not be aware but thousands of fake insurance claims take place in the UK each year. People fake accidents in order to claim insurance money for injuries they may or may not have. Without hard evidence it’s difficult to prove an accident was staged. The below video captures a real incident […]

Dealing with test day nerves

Starting to feel nervous about your driving test today? You’re not alone. We reached out to RED Driving School students via Facebook and Twitter, to hear their stories about dealing with test-day stress and nerves. Prepare fully – take lots of mock tests and make sure you’re constantly passing them before you even consider applying […]

RED named the UK’s favourite driving school

We are proud to announce that RED driving school has won a Fresh Award ‘Golden L’, beating both AA and BSM to the title of the UK’s “Favourite National Franchise”. More than 10,000 learner drivers and instructors submitted their votes, and we’re thrilled to know that RED is viewed as the UK’s number one national […]

RED’s Perfect Instructor Survey Winners

Ready to hit the road? As part of RED’s Get Road REDdy Campaign, we’re on a mission to encourage road safety among our learners – and what better way than to start from the beginning. What do learners need from their instructors? Over the month of February, we encouraged our students to take a survey […]

Vital tips for driving in heavy rain and floods

As most people are probably aware, heavy rain can come out of nowhere, with little warning, and cause serious problems on the road. It can even go as far as flooding, and can really test our best practice in road safety. Although many people would have taken a theory test in order to pass their […]

RED Driving School’s Brainy 10,000

RED are proud to announce that as of February this year… 10,000 of our learners have already accessed the Road Brain Trainer e-learning tool …with more signing up every single day. This is a great big milestone for RED, and for our learners – we’re happy to be the pioneers for this unique, kinesthetic learning […]

Driving in strong winds

A red weather warning has been issued by the Met Office as exceptionally strong winds are expected to hit parts of the country, particularly areas in West and Northwest Wales. With gusts of up to 80mph and possibly 100mph expected, it is important to be prepared for these conditions as sudden gusts of wind can […]