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Personal Effectiveness & Time Management Course (2 Days)

This comprehensive course provides participants with the opportunity to take stock of their current working practices, examine a range of techniques for time-management and personal effectiveness and determine an action plan to make more efficient use of time – both their own and other peoples.

Course Description

The course provides participants with the opportunity to review their work-life balance and develop their understanding of stress and stress coping strategies.

‘Time Management & Personal Effectiveness’ also encourages individuals to plan their own personal development and reviews mechanisms and skills they can use to help in this process.


To help participants manage time better and control personal stress and to provide an opportunity for participants to explore the skills and principles of time-management, exchange ideas, tips and techniques

To provide an opportunity for participants to take stock of their current working practices and decide on an action-based strategy to ‘work smarter’

To encourage participants to be proactive in their continuous professional development and to provide them with a range of tools to support their learning.

Course Outline

  • Action plans and personal effectiveness
  • Costs of poor time management
  • Time stealers and constraints
  • Making and handling requests
  • Balancing priorities
  • Personal planning tools
  • Handling interruptions and e-mails
  • Personal styles and personal pitfalls
  • Continuous personal and professional development and learning skills
  • Getting the best from meetings
  • Desk management
  • Conquer procrastination
  • Improve meetings
  • Develop the power of focus
  • Making the most of office technology
  • ‘Rapid composition’ – efficient and effective writing
  • Planning projects – Critical Path Analysis
  • Understanding and coping with stress
  • Action planning

Who Should Attend

All managers, professionals and administrative staff who have some discretion over how to manage their time and the need to balance priorities to meet both immediate demands and longer-term objectives.