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Drive with Red

Management leadership training and development

Some of our clients benefit from group or individual consultancy and coaching.

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Choose from a range of traditional, new and bespoke workshops all of which include our unique pre and post workshop Wellbeing Profiler.

Effective Leadership

This course provides the basis for understanding what leadership is and what leaders do to be successful.

Giving & Receiving Feedback

This 1-day course, Giving and Receiving Feedback, teaches the skills that are necessary to both give and receive constructive and positive feedback

Improving People's Performance

This module will take you through the basic principles, in a way that equips you to develop your own robust strategy plans for improving people’s performance.

Effective Communication

Quite simply, the workplace can be a far better place to be if you consciously sprinkle your communication with positive feedback.

Team Building

Fast-track your work teams and project teams to better results with this team training.

Strategic & Analytical Thinking

Our Thinking Strategically course will show you why strategy is important and how to start thinking strategically within your own organisation.

Finance for non-Financial Managers

This finance for non-financial managers training course demystifies finance. It will give you a thorough grounding in organisational finance and how it works.

Personal Effectiveness & Time Management

This comprehensive course provides participants with the opportunity to take stock of their current working practices, examine a range of techniques for time-management and personal effectiveness.