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If you have questions about becoming a driver instructor, our FAQs section is a good place to start. Need further help? We’re ready to take your call today.

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Can I train in my local area?

The majority of RED’s training is based locally, although in some circumstances it will take place in a mutually convenient location. We would often advise you to train where you are taking your practical tests. Bear in mind, the course is not full-time and, because we work around your other commitments, some of your time will be spent studying at home.

Are there any other costs I need to plan for?

As with any driving instructor training course, you will be expected to pay for your DVSA tests and your licence applications, whether it be green or pink (ADI or PDI). If you require the use of a specialist training vehicle for your test, there is a charge equivalent to 3 hours of the localised hourly rate. The charge includes the attendance of a trainer who will be able to assist with any last-minute practice or hints and tips.

Will the training fit around my work or family commitments?

Yes. When arranging your training we try to take into consideration your existing job or family commitments, along with ability and availability. If necessary, this includes training on a Saturday, although the DVSA tests are held during the week.

Can I train on a Saturday?

If you wish, we can arrange for the majority of your training to take place on a Saturday. (Subject to availability)

What happens if I fail one of the three qualifying tests?

We will give you all the support you need and would recommend you consult with your training officer to assess your readiness for each test.

The part one test can be taken as often as you like (except in Northern Ireland, where you have three attempts), and you have three attempts each at parts two and three (DVSA test fees apply). If you are unlucky enough not to pass at the third attempt, as per the DVSA regulations, you will have to wait two years from the date you passed part one before you are eligible to resit any examinations.

What support is available to me once I’ve qualified?

RED provides the complete driving school franchise package and the support you need to make a success of your career change. Before you start, we have an induction programme to ensure you hit the ground running and maximise your potential. If support is required, we have a specialist team with more than 20 years’ experience in developing businesses such as yours, and RED also provides prepaid customers for franchisees.

Do I have to start work as soon as I qualify?

No. Some people train while working full time, and slowly build up their driving instruction work on a part-time basis until they have enough to leave their existing employment.

Do driving instructors who work full time (over 40 hours per week) see 40 pupils per week?

We encourage pupils to take lessons lasting 120 minutes. With this in mind, a full-time instructor with RED will only need to see around 20 pupils per week. Travel time will be required between lessons. We encourage customers to take advantage of our block-booking facility, which keeps the learner committed to their instructor.

How long does it take to become a driving instructor?

As a guide, you can expect to complete the training within six to nine months, although there are a few things to consider when calculating how long it might take you to pass.

Firstly, the amount of time and commitment you can put in will determine how quickly you will move through the training. There are also some factors outside of our control that could affect your progression through the course, such as your DBS approval and the availability of DVSA test dates. We will, however, support you every step of the way.

Is there still a demand for driving instructors?

There is always a demand for professional driving instructors who are able to deliver fantastic customer service and train their pupils to test standard. RED Driving School has experienced unprecedented growth in the number of pupils learning to drive with them, doubling its size, and is one of the largest driving schools in the UK.

Many instructors choose to diversify in their career into areas such as fleet training, driver re-education and niche markets, so driving instruction isn’t just about teaching learner drivers – it offers a wealth of career opportunities.

How many pupils can I expect RED to supply?

RED has both national and local advertising campaigns running throughout the year, which positions us as one of the largest and most prominent driving schools in the UK. In addition, we have a dedicated instructor services department that helps instructors grow their businesses, and provides the guidance, support and marketing materials they need to promote themselves locally.

Will I be employed by RED?

No. Nearly all driving instructors in the UK are self-employed, whether as an independent driving school or as part of a franchised national school.

As a driving instructor you are your own boss – you decide your own hours and how you wish to organise your diary to balance your work/life commitments. Many of our instructors will tell you the flexible working hours are a real bonus to the job, and are not something you will experience in many other roles. As with any self-employed career, you will need to remember that you get out what you put in – the more hours you work and the more flexible you can be, the more money you will earn.

Do you have a customer services department?

Yes. RED’s customer service department has robust procedures in place to ensure all customers are treated fairly and in an efficient manner.

Any concerns received by the customer service team are acknowledged in writing within seven days, with a communication sent to the customer requesting ten working days to investigate and formally respond. Any requests to withdraw from the course must be sent in writing to customer service within the standard cooling-off period, which is stated in the ‘right to cancel’ document given to you at the time of enrolment. (For example, if you write to us to withdraw from the course within eight working days of enrolment, you will be given a full refund.)

The customer services department postal address is: RDS Services Ltd, Pavilion 6, Coxwold Way, Belasis Technology Park, Billingham, TS23 4EA. You can also get in touch at

What level of training and support will I receive?

We continually support our training coaches to achieve and maintain the highest training standards. Our dedicated support team offers trainees additional guidance and support with any issues. If you are currently training with RED and have any queries about your course, please email

Our customer service team is also on hand to help you with any queries you may have, and can be contacted at

Are the tests difficult to pass?

The DVSA sets the tests you need to take to become a driving instructor. The DVSA does make these tests challenging in order to ensure those who pass are fully prepared to take on the responsibility of teaching the next generation of drivers to be safe on the road for life. As the UK’s largest driving instructor training organisation with excellent pass rates, RED is proud to produce some of the finest instructors in the country.

As with any adult learning course, becoming a driving instructor requires hard work and commitment. But, with determination and drive, and the support and expertise from RED, there is no reason why you cannot pass the tests and begin your career as a driving instructor.

How many hours do I have to work as a driving instructor?

With the flexibility of the job, you can work the hours you choose. For example, you may want to work part-time to spend more time with your family or work around other commitments.

Is it possible to delay my training?

We understand that sometimes trainee instructors may need to delay thier training due to reasons beyond their control.

Please let our customer service department know of any changes to your circumstances that may result in a delay in you completing your training within the 12 months, as stated in the course agreement.

What experience do I need to become an instructor?

The DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) require that anyone wishing to train as a driving instructor has no more than six penalty points on their licence, has held a valid full UK licence for at least two and half years, be at least 20.5 years old and meet all legal, physical and medical requirements. All you need is a willingness to learn, as all the training you require is provided as part of the course.

How much does a driving instructor earn?

According to research conducted by specialist driving instructor accountancy firm FBTC, the average RED driving instructor achieves a gross income of £1,050 a week, but it could be more depending on the hours you choose. Find out more information on driving instructor earnings here.

What should I do if I need to cancel a training session?

Students are required to give two clear working days’ notice of their inability to attend a booked training session. In the event that you do not attend a booked training session and you fail to give the required notice, RED reserves the right to charge for rebooking the session.

How many hours of training will RED provide?

RED is committed to delivering the highest level of training to ensure you pass the examinations successfully. The course now includes up to 80 hours of training with a qualified RED Trainer for those who join our course on a Trainee Licence. We also provide comprehensive online training and ongoing support from our in-house advisers to enable you to qualify at the earliest opportunity.

Is there any funding available for the course?

We offer flexible payment options to spread the cost of your training over a period of time.

RDS Driving Services Limited is registered as a training provider on the Low Value Provision (LVP) Welfare to Work Training database, which is operated by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). If you would like to enrol on our course, and you think you might be eligible for funding of this nature, you can contact your local Jobcentre Plus. They may then provide you with guidance on what funding you can apply for.

Please note that funding decisions rest with the Jobcentre Plus personal advisers and are in no way guaranteed.

If you have any questions with regards to LVP funding, please contact the customer services department at