Improving your sleep

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This workshop focuses on the Tiredness section of the POD profiler. Elements are based on the work of Nick Littlehales, sleep expert to elite athletes. It gives proven practical tips and techniques to help you get better, unbroken sleep.

  • Understanding your circadian rhythm
  • Understanding sleep cycles and why to think of sleep in cycles rather than hours
  • Understanding your Chronotype and why it’s important (Chronotypes are: morning person (am-er), evening person (pm-er) or an inbetweener. You can take the Munich Chronotype questionnaire online for free)
  • Take the Pittsburgh Sleep quality index test
  • Practical pre-sleep habits
  • Using relaxation and meditation techniques to help fall asleep
  • Creating the perfect sleep environment
  • Exercise and nutrition to help sleep
  • How to develop a post sleep routine
  • Practical tips for shift workers