Weathering the Storm: Essential Tips for Ensuring Your Fleet’s Safety in Extreme Conditions

At RED, we understand that the safety of your fleet is paramount, especially in the face of unpredictable weather conditions. As Evan Morris, Training Manager at RED Corporate Driver Training, rightly puts it, “The really simple message behind all of this is to slow down and plan ahead – that will help keep you out of trouble.”

Below, discover RED’s top practical tips and strategies to ensure your company’s driving fleet remains safe during adverse weather conditions, ultimately saving you money.

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Tread Carefully: The Foundation of Safe Driving

One of the fundamental aspects of safe driving in adverse weather conditions is maintaining healthy tyre tread depth. Consider this: a vehicle travelling at 50mph stops in 25 metres with 8mm tread depth, but it takes 39 metres with only 1.6mm tread depth. Tyres without sufficient tread depth risk losing contact with the road, leading to potential loss of control.

Feel the Pressure: Proper Tyre Inflation Matters

Ensuring your tyres are properly inflated is crucial. Low tyre pressure increases the risk of aquaplaning, where the tyre loses contact with the road surface due to the buildup of water. On the other hand, over-inflation also reduces grip. Regularly checking and maintaining the right tyre pressure is a simple yet effective way to enhance your fleet’s safety.

Standing Water: Spotting and Navigating the Risks

Keeping a vigilant eye on road conditions is essential. Dark patches on the road or dips that could signal standing water require careful attention. Gradual braking before reaching standing water reduces the risk of aquaplaning. Smooth and gradual steering inputs, coupled with proper use of wipers, further enhance safety during wet conditions.

Navigating the Gusts: Wind Awareness and Safe Driving

Be aware of the strength of the wind and its direction, watch out for blowing debris & objects as well as high sided vehicles that can really ‘sway’. Most importantly, slow down to reduce risks of these issues and other factors such as sudden gusts that catch you unawares.

Don’t Get Out of Your Depth: Dealing with Deep Water

Encountering deep water requires a cautious approach. Enter slowly to push water forwards at the same speed, keeping the vehicle moving to avoid stalling. Assess the depth before proceeding, and be aware that even shallow water can cause issues. For very deep water, consider fewer revs to avoid water ingestion, and assess the situation before deciding to proceed.

Investing in Safety: Specialist Training for Your Fleet

The importance of proper driver education can’t be understated. As adverse weather conditions are occurring more frequently it’s worth investing time in ensuring your fleet is as safe as it can be. Our wide range of specialist courses aims to keep drivers and vehicles safe, ensuring that your fleet remains prepared and less likely to encounter accidents or troubles on the road.

Remember, educated and prepared drivers are the key to a safer and more reliable fleet. At RED, we are committed to helping your company navigate through challenging weather conditions, ensuring the safety of your drivers and the longevity of your fleet.

Contact us today to explore our specialised training programs and make your fleet weather-ready. Stay safe, stay prepared!

Driving Advisory: Wind & Rain

For more detail and other tips check out our driving advisory PDF below. It is a valuable resource designed to equip you and your team with essential insights, tips, and best practices for tackling driving in adverse weather conditions with confidence. From vehicle maintenance recommendations to emergency preparedness strategies, this guide covers all aspects of winter driving, empowering you to make informed decisions that prioritise safety.

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