Driving Distractions: Unveiling the Main Culprits and Strategies for Safer Roads

Distracted driving extends beyond phone use and includes various factors that endanger drivers and others on the road. Factors like personal stress, family distractions, and the demands of everyday life impact concentration.

Corporate driving fleets face added challenges, necessitating comprehensive training to manage distractions effectively. Understanding the main causes and effects of distraction is crucial for implementing strategies to enhance driving safety

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Mobile Phones and Reaction Times: Assessing Safety Risks

If you are holding and talking on a mobile phone while driving, not only is it illegal to do so, but it will increase your reaction times to events around you by 46%. Texting will increase times by 35%. While talking hands-free might seem the safer option, the act of just speaking to somebody on the phone is not much safer. Reaction times increase by around 27%.




Infotainment Distractions: Balancing Convenience with Safety on the Road

Many vehicles now have infotainment screens to house music, phones, sat nav, settings, climate and other controls, but operating them can have a serious impact on the amount of time you concentrate on the road, and reactions – and it doesn’t matter whether it’s touchscreen or voice control.

  • Apple CarPlay (touch) – 57%
  • Apple CarPlay (voice)  – 36%
  • Android Auto (touch) – 53%
  • Android Auto (voice) – 30%






Passenger Distractions: Navigating Conversations and Ensuring Safety on the Road

Surprisingly, conversations with passengers are just as distracting as using a mobile phone while driving. So, avoid deep discussions and don’t be afraid to ask passengers to stop distracting you. Before you set off, ensure children are securely strapped in and consider assigning their care to other passengers. In the situation where attention is needed, pull over safely to address the issue.




Other Road Users: Embracing the Circle of Control

It’s easy to get distracted by the actions of other road users – even long after the event some drivers can still be thinking and stressing about others’ behaviour. Instead, focus on controlling the what you can and being more accepting that you can’t control everything, or everyone.

It’s called ‘The Circle of Control

  1. Things within your control: manage them.
  2. Things you may influence: influence them.
  3. Things you have no control of: accept it.





Minimise Self-Distraction: Stay Focused on the Road Ahead

You’re good looking enough… Research found that 8 out of 10 drivers admitted to personal grooming while driving. It’s a huge distraction! Also, a journey can seem a great time to daydream. But again, it can be incredibly distracting as you’re not concentrating on the here and now. 

Avoid this by focussing on the present. Try… Talking to yourself.

Concentrate better by giving a running commentary of what’s going on around you on the road. It helps your mind to avoid wandering.

In conclusion, mitigating distractions on the road is crucial for safety, particularly within corporate driving fleets. With awareness and training, drivers can better cope with distractions and reduce accident risks. Through programs like RED Corporate driver training, companies can instill a culture of safety, making roads safer for everyone.

Driving Advisory: Distractions

For more detail and other tips check out our driving advisory PDF below. It is a valuable resource designed to equip you and your team with essential insights, tips, and best practices for tackling driving distraction and staying focused.

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