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Online Driver Risk Management Programme

This combines our Profiler and e-Learning to provide an ongoing and interactive training programme which is suitable for all fleet and grey fleet drivers. We provide a full live data management reporting system.

Training is always more effective when it is part of an ongoing training programme and this is what lies at the heart of each Driver Risk Management (DRM) programme. Every element of the RED DRM programmes is available as a standalone product, but 35 years of experience show us that when taken as a whole the results are quite extraordinary and above all self-financing. at worst; see case studies page (add link to VPS case study.). As RED has developed and delivers all elements in-house, every programme can be tailored to not just to each client, but each driver. Additionally, the RED training team will happily create bespoke client content to further enhance the DRM programmes and importantly, where required, work seamlessly with already existing other 3rd party suppliers, e.g. Telematics, Fleet and Accident Management companies etc.

As well as each driver having their own Driver Dashboard, with all required actions contained thereon and all completed training interventions available for review, there are a multitude or Company reports, viewable online or downloadable that clearly show which drivers are compliant or in default. The RED DRM account management team will also create bespoke management reports where required.

Grey Fleet management is included in all DRM programmes to further enhance the Duty of Care and Health and Safety requirements required of a modern fleet.