Driver Risk Management Programme

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DRM dashboard

DRM programme benefits

A comprehensive RED DRM programme will:

  • Help you ensure you are legally compliant with every aspect of ‘driving on business’
  • Demonstrably save you money as progress can be monitored and audited.
  • Meet all your ‘driving on business’ needs relating to training.
  • Easy-to-use management dashboard providing usable transparency.

RED Driver Profile

This is the entry point to each driver’s bespoke programme; it gathers individual driver data, asks some basic questions and importantly starts to ‘engage’ drivers in thinking about their driving. A ‘score’ is produced based on experience and other elements and this is then used as the base level for each driver’s ‘Live Risk Score’ (LRS).

Live Risk Score

This is integral in every programme and gathers data from multiple sources; those drivers that engage with the programme and show willingness to learn will increase their LRS and those that don’t will see their LRS decrease. Feeds can be taken from 3rd parties via agreed csv file and/or api integration. Telematics data, parking fines, accident data, etc can all be included.

Driving Licence Check

Drivers are asked to complete a simple online E consent form which then allows us to check their Driving Licence details directly with the DVLA. This data is pulled down to the RED DRM website for review and adjusts the LRS where appropriate. Automatic rechecks are completed within the agreed and pre-set parameters.

RED E Learner Modules

Modules are traditionally delivered quarterly, bespoke to each driver dependent on risk, choice and client requirement. They form an important part of the ‘driver engagement’ process providing useful and interesting ideas and advice. Bespoke client-specific modules can also be easily created. E Learners can also be delivered at will. e.g. Winter Module in October.

Grey Fleet Drivers

Grey Fleet drivers will be asked additional questions with regards to their vehicle in respect of Insurance, MOT, Tax, servicing, etc. Reminders are sent prior to and at renewal.

dashboard screenshot

Nominated Drivers

Where Company vehicles are ‘driven’ by spouses and/or ‘dependants’ the programme can also be set to include these drivers to various levels including on reduced programmes, like covering ‘legal’ requirements only.

Online Data Management

Sitting behind each RED DRM programme is a comprehensive suite of online and downloadable reports providing useful information and importantly, an audit trail for H&S reasons. Full Driving Licence data can also be downloaded showing every category, by driver, held across the fleet. Admin rights can be given at ‘divisional’ and ‘company’ level as required.

Client Document Upload

Driver handbooks, car policies, Highway Code, etc can all be stored in the programme with drivers being required to attest that they have read (inc. new versions) and will comply.

Driver Dashboard

Each driver has their own dashboard with all completed items shown, a ‘to do’ list displayed, a progress over time report and all Company documents easily to hand. All completed E Learner modules can be reviewed at will.