CPC Driver Training – GDE (Goals for Driver Education) Matrix Workshop

This workshop will help drivers consider the risks and coach themselves about how to change in five key areas; Culture and Groups, Person and Life, Journey, Vehicle and Control.

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Course Aims 

The workshops cover a wide range of topics, from winter driving and speed awareness to fuel-efficient driving and driver stress management.

Content can be selected from existing modules or customized to suit the audience.

Each module lasts approximately 15-30 minutes, ensuring a fast-paced and captivating learning experience.

Objectives – to discuss, understand and develop strategies to manage:

  • An interactive classroom workshop to promote safety thorough self-evaluation of risks and
  • Provide an introduction to the GDE (Goals for Driver Education) HERMES 2000 Hatakka et al. (2002)
    and Keskinen et al. (2010) and part of National Driving Standards set by the DVSA
  • Reflect on the types of culture (including work cultures) and groups/teams associated
    with which may affect driving risks.
  • Personal and Life risk increasing factors; self-evaluation about what these are, what the
    risks are and how to make lasting change.
  • Journey planning which may include fatigue and managing risks of the journey.
  • Considering all the factors associated with vehicle including checks and controls to aim for.
    excellence in the limit of control, smoothness, fuel efficiency and appropriate vehicle familiarisation.