CPC – Drivers Hours, Working Time and Record Keeping

This course is designed to highlight drivers’ responsibilities under the drivers’ hours legislation and provide practical experience of working with digital equipment.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Develop knowledge of drivers’ hours, working time and tachograph rules.
  • Offers detailed practical instruction on how to record the rules using the digital recording equipment.
  • Gain a full appreciation of how drivers’ hours compliance relates to the operator licence obligations.
  • Understand the potential penalties for non-compliance.

Course Content

  • EU drivers’ hours rules and working time regulations.
  • Use of the recording equipment.
  • Domestic regulations and record keeping requirements.
  • Enforcement practices and procedures.
  • Penalties for non-compliance in relation to both driver and vehicle operator.


Course Details

  • 1 day (7 hours excluding lunch and breaks)
  • Maximum 20 delegates depending on facilities
  • 7 hours upload is recorded on the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency database