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Road safety conference with ingenie and Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker at ingenie

On Monday June 24, RED’s partner and young driver insurer ingenie, pulled together a coalition of experts and high-profile individuals to call for more to be done to improve young driver road safety.

Former FIA President Max Mosley, sports presenter and father of four Gary Lineker, TV presenter Sophie Morgan who was paralysed in a car crash, broadcaster Jon Sopel, motoring journalist Quentin Willson and ingenie CEO Richard King all spoke at length about the need for more to be done, with more sensible, thoughtful proposals that embrace private sector innovation to be put forward.

This was followed by a live expert panel debate including our very own Ian McIntosh, CEO of RED Driving School, Steve Broughton, ingenie Chairman, Andy Watson the CEO of Ageas, Bob Skerrett, Global Telematics Lead from RSA, Dr Lisa Dorn a Driver Behaviour expert from Cranfield University and Adrian Walsh of RoadSafe.

The discussion came ahead of the government’s green paper on young driver safety, which was due out on Tuesday June 25 but has now been postponed to the autumn.

The outcome of the event called for three broad changes, which will now be lobbied for by the high-profile group:

1. Before the test

  • Educate and train children about road safety before they are old enough to get behind the wheel
  • Greater uptake of free brain training software like Drive iQ

2. While learning to drive

  • Enforce a mandatory minimum number of lessons
  • Allow practice on the motorways and at night
  • Encourage parents to be more involved

3. After the test

  • Continue education using telematics insurance products like ingenie as a co-pilot
  • No unenforceable curfews (such as banning them from driving at night, or with friends) that restrict young drivers without making an impact on safety
Max Mosley and Quentin Wilson at ingenie

Car crashes remain the single bigger killer of under 30s. Speakers at the event believe that private sector innovators can play a major part in reducing the number of serious deaths and injuries that young drivers have on the road.

As an insurer that gathers data on its policyholders’ driving trends using a black box, ingenie has unique insight on how young drivers really behave on our roads.

Speaking at the event, Richard King, founder and CEO of ingenie said: “We are disappointed that the government has delayed the publication of this green paper. The issue has never been more important or topical. Split-second mistakes are causing life-changing injuries to kids on a daily basis. Car crashes are still the biggest killer of people under 30. We can, must – and have been doing something smart about it.”

RED’s comment: “As the largest driving school in the UK, RED has an important role to play in improving safety for the next generation of road users. Education is key to road safety, as is expert practical driving tuition from professional instructors.”

“Supplementing lessons with additional online learning such as RED’s Road Brain Trainer will help improve cognitive driving skills, benefiting both practical test success as well as general driving awareness. Safer driving will lead to more fuel efficient and economical driving through a reduction in petrol costs and vehicle wear and tear, as well as helping to lower the cost of car insurance via ingenie.”

Panelists at ingenie

Max Mosley said: “We must continue to champion the cause of road safety. If the government made black box insurance mandatory, I’d be against it on the grounds of civil liberties. But if a young person chooses to have it to prove they are a good driver and receive cheaper insurance then what is the problem? If a 17 year old drives like a 50 year old then it seems logical to me they should pay the same for their insurance, and this is what technology like ingenie allows and incentivises them to do.”

Sophie Morgan said: “My message is really to young people themselves. I just want to say, please think about the responsibility you have to your friends – when you get in the car to drive your friends around you are taking their lives in your hands – so if you aren’t thinking about yourself please, please think about them.”

Gary Lineker said: “I feel passionately about helping young drivers stay safe on the road. What I’ve come to appreciate through my involvement with ingenie is how much parents can help get young people ready for the road. It’s got to be more than just financial support through the process of learning to drive – it’s got to be a team effort.”

Quentin Willson said: “The young driver problem is an urgent social issue. We need a seismic change in young driver education. Technology such as ingenie, that acts as a co-pilot, can help us deliver this. We should embrace this black box technology to help young drivers improve. It is the private sector that must succeed where the government has consistently failed.”