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RED Marmalade to Improve Young Driver Safety

Insurance scheme enables driving experience at low cost and low risk

RED Driving School, one of the UK’s largest driving schools, has joined forces with insurance provider Provisional Marmalade to create a simpler learner driver insurance scheme.

RED Marmalade is a significant step forward in young driver safety as it provides a low cost, low risk way of insuring young drivers on a family or friend’s car, which will allow them to practice the technical skills learnt from their RED instructor.

The scheme is supplementary to a relative or friend’s existing policy and can be used when required, saving hundreds of pounds on insurance costs for families and friends of young drivers.

“Adding a young driver to an existing insurance policy significantly increases a person’s annual insurance cost,” said Ian McIntosh, CEO, RED Driving School. “Not only do they have to pay for the young driver to be on the policy for a minimum of 12 months, they are penalised because of the age, and therefore high risk, of adding a young driver. If parents, for example, wanted to add their child onto an existing policy, they’d have to pay a hefty price and, if the young driver did have an accident, their no claims bonus would suffer.”

“With RED Marmalade, you avoid this. It can be taken out on a pay as you go monthly basis, for as little as £85, and, if an incident occurred, this would be against the RED policy and not an existing, long term policy. It’s beneficial to both the car owner and those keen to get some experience under their belt.”

Commenting on the partnership with RED, Nigel Lacy, marketing director, Provisional Marmalade said: “The Driving Standards Agency recommends over 20 hours of private practice alongside professional tuition and this insurance policy has removed one of the biggest concerns facing parents when helping their children behind the wheel – the risk to their No Claims Bonus. It also significantly reduces the cost of helping young drivers to become experienced, skilled motorists.”

With over 100,000 learner drivers being taught to drive each year and over 1,600 driving instructors on the roads, RED Driving School is focused on giving its learners the skills and confidence to pass their test and to drive safely beyond the test stage.

“The RED Marmalade product will complement and reinforce the training that our instructors provide and is an example of the more holistic approach that sets RED apart from other driving schools,” added McIntosh. “This partnership with Provisional Marmalade goes that extra mile, beyond helping our pupils to learn how to drive.”

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