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Job Flexibility Top Priority For Young People

Job Flexibility Top Priority For Young People

Jobs with flexible hours

According to our research, a new generation is looking for a more flexible approach to career choices that will allow them to combine work with pursuing their own hobbies and interests. The first truly online generation, our sample of 16-29 year olds clearly rejected more established ways of working.

Representing an important shift in working attitudes, we’ve collated some of our findings into an infographic, gathered some opinions on new working trends and even put together a quiz to offer some suggestions on flexible career paths.

“Aside from working in marketing, I’m also a gaming influencer. This means that I have a busy schedule and one where I really need flexibility – whether that’s because of competitions, games releases or just keeping up with social media.

I think I’m typical of a lot of people my age. A lot of us do a number of part time jobs and have a number of commitments, which could be anything from gaming to podcasting. The fact that there’s a way to earn decent money and control your own hours which can fit modern working habits is a huge thing

I’d not thought of driving instructing in this way before but can totally see how it could work for people.”

Liam Thompson, 24-year-old gaming influencer

“Obviously I’m the boss, I’m booking my own lessons. I have the flexibility to take the time off. I can attend all the family functions and weddings, things like that, because I can do what I want, in a sense.

It’s been really good. I’ve now got a great income so I have the security to pursue the things I want. If I were to go back to education, I could continue doing this part time as a student job, and do my degree part-time, so I can juggle whatever I want and at least know I have an income.

It’s given me a lot more responsibility. Now that I’m earning, I’ve decided that I’ll help my family as well. So, I’m giving money to my mum and my family.”

Haseeb, 21-year-old driving instructor

“Our research shows that young people want more flexibility and control in their lives when it comes to work, and we believe that becoming a driving instructor can offer that. What will be welcome news is that with the added flexibility and a better work-life balance that becoming a driving instructor can provide doesn’t necessarily mean taking a pay cut.”

Ian McIntosh, CEO of Red Driving school

Driving jobs your way

No matter your skill set or inclinations, if you’re looking to fit work around your life – and not your life around work – perhaps you should find out more about joining RED as a Driving Instructor.

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Job Flexibility Top Priority For Young People